13 Effective Ways To Make Your Workouts Better

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6. Wear Appropriate Workout Clothing

Workout attire

The right exercise attire allows you to move easier and more comfortably, making your workout effective. Wearing clothes made from breathable fabrics and socks made from wool or polypropylene help absorb sweat that later gets evaporated and keeps you cool while exercising.

The lack of sweat will help prevent bacterial and fungal growth and keep you from smelling unpleasant and funky. The right socks and shoes stop you from getting blisters and gives utmost comfort.

5. Do Weight Lifting


Studies show that lifting weights boosts your metabolism and helps you to lose weight easier. Start easy, and as you get stronger, you can start lifting heavier weights to provide more resistance to your muscles. Ensure you assume the correct form as you lift weights to get the best results and don’t hurt yourself.