13 Useful Tips All Swiffer Owners Should Know

4 min read

Everyone has a favorite cleaning aid; they make our lives so much easier! Swiffer products are some of the many handy products that help us reach those tough to clean places in the home.

Although the Swiffer is added to many cleaning lists as a must-have, cleaning experts warn that Swiffer is not compatible with some surfaces.

There are also some hacks all Swiffer owners should know. Continue reading to learn helpful tips about America’s favorite cleaning aid.

13. Marble Surfaces 

Marble surfaces are delicate and have a pH of six to eight, meaning that they are neutral in nature. That is, neither acidic nor alkaline. However, Swiffer Wet Jet has a pH of 10 and is alkaline in nature, meaning it is not suitable to use on a marble surface. One product you can use instead is the Weiman Laminate and Stone Floor Cleaner for Marbles.

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