14 Gross Things Hotels are Doing To Save Money

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4. Poor Water Supply

water supply

The Hotel Association of New York City says hoteliers can save money by controlling the water supply. This occurrence also saves money on energy, so hotel owners can install devices to distribute water slowly. This practice means there is often not enough water running to clean laundry appropriately!

3. They Don’t Always Change the Towels


Lush, clean hotel towels are so refreshing. There are usually plenty available for you when you check-in, and you hardly ever use them all unless you’re staying for a long while.

The question is: what happens to the towels that seem untouched but were actually used a few times to wipe your hands? To save on electricity, detergent and labor, maids will likely leave them for the next guest to use. This low-cost policy can benefit the environment but is far from sanitary!