14 Things McDonald’s Employees Wish They Could Tell You

4 min read

McDonald’s is the largest food conglomerate in the world! There is no doubt that they provide delicious, addictive fast food to their loyal customers. But like other businesses, Mcdonald’s has secrets. But with so many employees in so many locations, secrets are not so easy to keep. Here are some things about McDonald’s you might not have known about.

14. They Have a Secret Menu

Have you ever wondered if McDonald’s is hiding something that helps lure in customers, such as elevated items you won’t find on the regular menu? You will be pleased to know that there is a secret menu and it has been getting a lot of attention recently. It is worth asking about the next time you take a trip to McDonald’s, but some employees might not know about it. It’s that much of a secret!

13. Egg Muffins Are Real Egg

Yes! The eggs are real. They do not use artificial egg powder for those delicious Egg McMuffins you love so much. The eggs are broken straight from their shells, and they use special rings on the grill to make them perfectly round for customers. Nothing fake there!

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