15 Last-Minute Summer Vacation Ideas That Don’t Require Air Travel

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After being cooped up at home for so many months with no option to travel, everyone is in desperate need of a vacation. But summer is nearly over, and you probably don’t have time to plan an elaborate trip that requires flying across the country.

Continue reading to find out 15 last-minute summer vacation ideas that don’t require air travel.

15. Rent an RV 

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Having an RV is one of the best ways to travel on the road. It is basically like a mobile house. You can park and sleep at any location for the night.

You can rent an RV, which usually ends up being cheaper than traveling by air. It is a popular way of traveling because you get to wander anywhere you choose.

You can even choose to go on a cross country or multi-state road trip with your family. Try staying at a national park, you’ll be in awe of the beauty.

14. Water Vacation


The beauty of nature is always an option in the sunny weather summer brings. You can plan a road trip that includes stops at a lake, river and ocean.

Each body of water has its own unique ventures to choose from. This can be a relaxing trip for you and your family as you listen to nature speak and keep cool in the water.

13. Camping 

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All you need is a car and a tent this summer for a memorable summer vacation. Tent camping is fun and entertaining.

It is a little getaway from the house that allows you to go back to the roots of mankind in the vast outdoors.

So choose the campground of your dreams, pack up the car with everything you need and hit the road!