15 Last-Minute Summer Vacation Ideas That Don’t Require Air Travel

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12. Romantic Train Ride

train ride, summer, romantic

Before summer ends, you and your significant other can take a long train ride and enjoy the time together. If you are riding solor this summer, take the train somewhere with friends or family

Time flys when you’re on a train because it is much more comfortable than an airplane. So don’t be afraid to choose a destination that is a ways away. Wherever the journey takes you, everyone will enjoy the relaxing train ride and beautiful sceneries.

11. Boating Vacation

boating, vacation, water

Take a trip to a body of water that offers a variety of boating activities. You will get to experience the ocean and enjoy the cool sea breeze.

Many people go on a cruise to get away for a while to a secluded place. You can also opt for a river cruise if you live somewhere like Florida, for example.

10. Go Somewhere You Have Never Been


For this summer, instead of going on air travel, take a simple road trip and go somewhere you have never been before. It will help you to relax your mind and feel a sense of peace. In addition, going somewhere new brings a sense of excitement and makes you happy.