15 Last-Minute Summer Vacation Ideas That Don’t Require Air Travel

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After being cooped up at home for so many months with no option to travel, everyone is in desperate need of a vacation. But summer is nearly over, and you probably don’t have time to plan an elaborate trip that requires flying across the country.

Continue reading to find out 15 last-minute summer vacation ideas that don’t require air travel.

15. Rent an RV 

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Having an RV is one of the best ways to travel on the road. It is basically like a mobile house. You can park and sleep at any location for the night.

You can rent an RV, which usually ends up being cheaper than traveling by air. It is a popular way of traveling because you get to wander anywhere you choose.

You can even choose to go on a cross country or multi-state road trip with your family. Try staying at a national park, you’ll be in awe of the beauty.

14. Water Vacation


The beauty of nature is always an option in the sunny weather summer brings. You can plan a road trip that includes stops at a lake, river and ocean.

Each body of water has its own unique ventures to choose from. This can be a relaxing trip for you and your family as you listen to nature speak and keep cool in the water.

13. Camping 

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All you need is a car and a tent this summer for a memorable summer vacation. Tent camping is fun and entertaining.

It is a little getaway from the house that allows you to go back to the roots of mankind in the vast outdoors.

So choose the campground of your dreams, pack up the car with everything you need and hit the road!

12. Romantic Train Ride

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Before summer ends, you and your significant other can take a long train ride and enjoy the time together. If you are riding solor this summer, take the train somewhere with friends or family

Time flys when you’re on a train because it is much more comfortable than an airplane. So don’t be afraid to choose a destination that is a ways away. Wherever the journey takes you, everyone will enjoy the relaxing train ride and beautiful sceneries.

11. Boating Vacation

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Take a trip to a body of water that offers a variety of boating activities. You will get to experience the ocean and enjoy the cool sea breeze.

Many people go on a cruise to get away for a while to a secluded place. You can also opt for a river cruise if you live somewhere like Florida, for example.

10. Go Somewhere You Have Never Been


For this summer, instead of going on air travel, take a simple road trip and go somewhere you have never been before. It will help you to relax your mind and feel a sense of peace. In addition, going somewhere new brings a sense of excitement and makes you happy.

9. Backpacking

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If you are an adventurous soul, pack a bag and go backpacking with friends. Although, make sure you or someone your with is an experiences backpacker.

You will get to see things that will interest you and make you discover more about nature. Summer is the best time to go on a backpacking adventure because you won’t have to deal with frigid winter weather.

8. Picnics


You can still enjoy your summer vacation by setting up weekly picnics in new locations with family and friends. This is a good outing for everyone to relax, enjoy nature and eat delicious food.

7. Rafting Vacation

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Going rafting is another way to enjoy yourself this summer. White water rafting is a bonding experience since you will be required to work as a team.

If you’re wanting a more relaxing rafting experience, grab some tubes, beers and friends and float down a river at ease.

6. Consider Cabins


For your summer vacation, you don’t have to go to a hotel to have fun. Once you have a cabin up in the woods, you can enjoy your vacation with significantly fewer persons.

5. Spend a Night at a New Place

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You don’t have to travel far for it to be considered a vacation. Try renting an Airbnb for a night or two located in a cool spot close to home. It’s always nice to have a change of scenery.

If you want to try out living a lavish lifestyle, you can even rent a mansion. Why not check off some bucket list items this summer!

4. Pool Vacation


Stay at a hotel close to home that has a nice pool you can lounge by. If you have kids, they will love this idea because there are endless amounts of activities that come with playing in a pool.

However, for those who need a break from kids, drop them off at your parent’s house and enjoy a few relaxing days all to yourself. You deserve it!

3. Visit Loved Ones

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When was the last time you had a family reunion? Take a road trip to visit your family and friends that live in the same country, especially if the pandemic has kept you apart.

2. Rent a Boat

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Renting a boat is a fantastic option for you and your family this summer. You can pretend you own the boat without paying the high price.

Once you’re on the boat there are plenty of activities to choose from — whether it be fishing, intertubing, wake boarding, etc. And don’t forget to bring food, drinks and games for entertainment purposes.

1. Swap Houses With a Friend

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If your have friends or family members who live in a place you consider a vacation and they consider where you live a vacation, bring up the idea of house-swapping.

You can take your family to their home and they take their family to yours. It’s a win-win! You’ll both be saving so much money and consider it a summer vacation.