15 Signs You Are Actually A Genius

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Genius Signs

What exactly are the traits of a genius? Researchers have spent decades discussing what makes people clever, with everything from genetics to upbringing thought to play a part. Here is a list of 15 characteristics. Check them out and see if you are the genius you always believed you were.

15. You constantly challenge yourself

A true genius never stops challenging himself. He’s never content with simply learning the bare minimum–he constantly stimulates his brain with mind-bending games, illusions, riddles–you name it. If that sounds familiar, it could be a clue that you’re a genius.

14. You have social anxiety

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a term that encompasses many different traits, attributes and behaviours. However, it can actually mean you have a high IQ.

If you think about it, people who have anxiety are constantly analyzing their surroundings, reflecting on what is happening, formulating ideas and processing information – all of this requires a lot of intelligence and studies support the idea that socially anxious people are generally more intelligent.

13. You like to read

Genius Reading

Are you someone who likes to read? Do you basically live at Barnes and Noble? Would you rather spend your weekend reading Kafka or Hemingway instead of getting trashed with your bros? Congratulations, you just might be a genius.

12. You might struggle with addiction

A lot of people like to get loaded up on drugs and alcohol, and geniuses are no different. Throughout history, some of the most brilliant minds have been dependent on drugs or alcohol. Edgar Allan Poe was a lush, cocaine was the love of Sigmund Freud’s life, and Stephen King was high as an airplane on Xanax, Valium, cocaine, NyQuil, alcohol, and pot for a good chunk of his career. It’s actually kind of impressive if you think about it.

Now, this definitely doesn’t mean all addicts are geniuses, nor does it mean all geniuses are addicts. But there’s apparently a real correlation here.

11. You overthink and worry a lot

Over Thinking

Most often, geniuses aren’t the most laid back people, thanks to the constant thoughts and questions rolling through their brains. Most of us can just shrug off random existential questions, but the smarter ones of us aren’t able to do that. They overthink every minute detail, which can be emotionally taxing.

Overthinkers and worriers are actually some of the most intelligent amongst us. Overthinking and worrying about potential situations shows imagination, which links to a high creativity IQ, so the next time you’re worrying about something, harness the creativity instead.

10. You question everything

Genius Question

Are you curious about everything? Do you question why things are the way that they are? Well, that’s the first sign of a genius right there, because the brilliant mind never stops questioning and trying to answer the deepest, darkest questions of existence and the universe.

Why do sandwiches taste better when cut diagonally? Why can’t we lick our own elbows? How does the quantum description of reality create perception? What even are we?

Ever thought of these questions before? Yes? Then you’re probably smart as hell.

9. You talk to yourself

Normally, people think it’s weird when someone talks to themselves. Against popular belief, talking to yourself can imply you might be a genius or at least, you’re an intelligent human being, studies have found. Talking to yourself can alleviate stress, provides a cognitive boost and allows you to focus more clearly on the task at hand.

So, if you find yourself muttering to yourself, don’t worry. It just means you got a big old brain.

8. You were breast fed

Scientists in Brazil followed 6,000 people from birth to the age of 30. Breast-fed babies were found to be more intelligent, successful and high-earning.

7. You’re a night owl

Night Owl

Staying awake late at night can be a sign that you have high intelligence. Studies were completed to show that children who were more intelligent grew up to be more nocturnal than their less intelligent counterparts.

A study done at the University of Madrid found that night owls had higher IQs, earned more and led more comfortable lives than those who bounce out of bed in the mornings.

There are many reasons why this is the case, one argument being that the recent technological advances make our brains reach for technology to search for stimulation at night, ignoring the impulse to rise and fall with the sun like our ancestors.

6. You’re funny

Youre Funny

Comedians consistently score higher on IQ tests than the average population, according to a study from the 1970s.

Male comedians averaged 138, female 126, and the general population between 90 and 110.

A good sense of humor is also linked to creativity, better talking skills and being more sexually attractive.

5. You’re left handed

Lefties have better memories, mental flexibility and spatial skills – according to researchers at University of Athens.

They’re also “divergent thinkers” – a special type of creativity that allows them to think of new ideas on a whim.

4. You’re sarcastic

Believe it or not, sarcastic people have a certain wit that implies intelligence. Studies found a link between sarcasm and creativity, meaning people who use sarcastic humour are more likely to be intelligent as it requires more thought, allows the mind to expand and promotes conceptualization.

3. You’re scatterbrained

Scatter Brained

As intelligent as it might be, the brilliant mind has its flaws. Overflowing with never-ending thoughts and knowledge, a genius is often forgetful. But that’s okay. As Hannah Montana once said, “Nobody’s perfect.”

It’s no secret that people who have a scatterbrain live a hectic life, but did you know that the ability to juggle various projects and work to your own timescales can actually be a strong indicator of high levels of intelligence?

Constantly thinking about multiple things at once and not being able to focus on a particular task means you’re constantly expanding your horizons and wanting to achieve more. The unique way your brain works can be used to your advantage and you can use it to unleash your creative genius.

2. You’re skinny

According to a French study, those with a Body Mass Index of 20 or less have better memories than those with one of 30 or higher.

The skinnier participants could remember 56 percent of words in a vocabulary test, while bigger people could only remember 44 percent.

While there’s also evidence that memory declines over time in bigger people.

When re-tested five years later, recall had dropped to 37.5 percent in those with higher BMIs, but had not changed in the others.

1. You’re the oldest child

Older Brother

Liberals and atheists have a superiority or sense of elitism which is linked to a higher IQ, according to evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa.