18 Uses for Mayonnaise You Probably Didn’t Know

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14. Remove Chewing Gum From Hair

chewing gum, hair, mayo, mayonaisse

Mayonnaise is so versatile you can use it to remove gum easily from your hair. Apply the mayo onto the affected area, and watch the gum release. There’s no need to use scissors that might damage the hair or change your look.

13. Remove Fingerprints on Stainless Steel Appliances

stainless steel appliance

Ever notice how your stainless steel can get smudges and fingerprints all over it? Luckily, mayo is also used to remove those smudges from stainless steel appliances.

With the help of a dry cloth, dab the spots with some Mayo. This gives the stainless steel appliances a shiny, brand-new look.