20 Everyday Habits That Can Make You Look Younger

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16. Conceal Unflattering Areas


Wearing clothing that fits correctly and is flattering for your body type will make you look drastically younger. Dark-colored clothes result in a slimmer appearance. Our chest and neck are areas that show the most signs of aging, so try covering up those areas with a high-neck top.

15. For Younger Hands

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Studies show that there is a way to tell women’s age by looking at their hands. Always have a hand cream with you and apply SPF to your hands to avoid sun damage. It is also important to exfoliate regularly for bright, attractive hands!

14. Eat Your Reds and Greens

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Green vegetables, like kale, give you vitamin-k. This is essential for blood coagulation to reduce the impact of bruising. The skin needs powerful protection against UV rays, and that’s where tomatoes come in to give lycopene. Many studies show that consuming fruits and vegetables gives you better skin.

13. Cut Down On the Makeup


Forget heavy makeup and opt for pinks, soft hues that mimic a youthful, natural look. As people age, the skin loses its tautness. The more makeup you use, the more your skin will move and travel. Less is always more and keeps you looking fresh all day.