20 Everyday Habits That Can Make You Look Younger

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When you take care of yourself and go the extra mile to prevent aging, you will likely maintain a healthy, youthful glow as you grow older. Healthy habits can benefit you more than you think.

Age can become just another number when you follow these 20 tips that can make you look younger.

20. Eat More Grapes


To help your skin absorb and maintain its moisture for a healthy-looking glow, eat more grapes. The Polyphenols present in grapes are known to even out skin texture and add a natural glow.

19. Laugh a Lot


People of various ages were asked to study thousands of photographs and guess the ages of people based on their facial expressions. The guesses for those with neutral expressions were the most accurate. Fearful expressions made people look older and happy expressions were rated younger than they were.

18. Take Care of Your Hair

hair, healthy

Everything changes when we age, including our hair. It gets coarser and dryer in texture. Applying heat to your hair will only lead to more damage and make it even dryer. Therefore, your hair will age faster. Try air drying more often and using a heat protectant spray when you do apply heat.

17. Consistent Skincare Routine


To help keep your skin healthy, it is crucial to have a daily and nightly skincare routine. Also, cut out harsh soaps that damage the skin, especially for older persons. Avoid harsh alcohol-based toners, and find a gentle cleanser that will not strip your skin of its natural moisture.

16. Conceal Unflattering Areas


Wearing clothing that fits correctly and is flattering for your body type will make you look drastically younger. Dark-colored clothes result in a slimmer appearance. Our chest and neck are areas that show the most signs of aging, so try covering up those areas with a high-neck top.

15. For Younger Hands

youthful, hands, age

Studies show that there is a way to tell women’s age by looking at their hands. Always have a hand cream with you and apply SPF to your hands to avoid sun damage. It is also important to exfoliate regularly for bright, attractive hands!

14. Eat Your Reds and Greens

vegetables, diet

Green vegetables, like kale, give you vitamin-k. This is essential for blood coagulation to reduce the impact of bruising. The skin needs powerful protection against UV rays, and that’s where tomatoes come in to give lycopene. Many studies show that consuming fruits and vegetables gives you better skin.

13. Cut Down On the Makeup


Forget heavy makeup and opt for pinks, soft hues that mimic a youthful, natural look. As people age, the skin loses its tautness. The more makeup you use, the more your skin will move and travel. Less is always more and keeps you looking fresh all day.

12. Exercise Four Times Per Week


Regular exercise slows the aging process. A combination of cardiovascular exercises keeps the heart and lungs strong and healthy. Do resistance exercise for muscles and stretches for flexibility. You’ll sleep better and fend off muscle loss with regular exercise.

11. Eat Fish


Fish high in healthy fats like salmon is a must to have youthful skin. Fish is rich in DMAE, a compound boosting muscle tone. You’ll also find DMAE in expensive skin creams to keep skin looking supple and fresh. You’ll get the same benefit from eating fish a couple of times a week as you get from the skin cream.

10. Wear The Right Bra


As gravity runs rampant with the aging process, we need all the help we can. Research has found that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. With the correct size, however, you can produce a silhouette that makes anyone envy you. No hanging!

9. Drink Lots of Water

water, hydrate

 With the skin being the largest organ and our body being- mostly water, it needs a lot of water to keep it hydrated. If not, you’ll be creating avoidable wrinkles on dull and dry skin.

In addition to making your skin look plump and subtle, water will increase your energy levels and help subdue your cravings. This way, you stay on track to accomplishing your staying healthy goals.

8. Your Colors

color, anti-aging,

A popping color is youthful and fun. Just don’t make it from head to toe. Accent your outfits to look modern and trendy. If the color trend is outdated and expired, you don’t want to hang on and appear old and dated. You are looking for sophistication with classy, neutral chicness.

7. Drop Stress and Conflict


Do you know that stress can age your cells? Well, it’s true. This is reversible, however, with lifestyle changes. Develop stress management to reduce conflict around you, and this will reduce stress hormones like adrenalin cortisol. At the same time, activating the natural painkillers in the body, endorphins. These keep everything about you youthful.

6. Make Your Eyes Pop


A pearlescent champagne hue or cream will highlight your eyes and make you look younger. You should apply this under the eyebrow and the inside of the eye.

TIP: Stick with a light brown, taupe or matte formula for eye shadow—no high glitter or shimmer.

5. Natural Lip Color

natural lip

For that youthful glow, skip the heavy red unnatural lipstick and go for a light, natural color. Dark lipstick can bleed out into the lines of the mouth and make your lips recede. A flesh color or clear color will give a youthful shine.

4. Cut Sugar and Salt

sugar and salt

Salt increases cell aging in overweight people and makes them look older. Sugar also helps increase inflammation in the body, and this produces enzymes that destroy collagen and speed up wrinkling and sagging of skin, making you look old.

3. Do Your Nails


As you already know, hands show signs of aging. So, why not paint them to give that extra youthful look. Have fun dressing up your hands tastefully, and begin to look younger!

2. Have Healthy Relationships

healthy relationship

Healthy relationships are vital for the body as well as the mind. Toxicity robs you of youthful appearance, while love releases the hormone oxytocin, which lowers blood pressure. Love and appreciation from others will help you relax, be happy and look attractive.

1. Treat Aging Skin


Purchase skin care products that are made for age spots or sun-damaged skin. Each skin type is different, so getting rid of those darkened areas will vary in individuals.

Consulting your dermatologist for the correct products for your skin type will help decide which products to invest in. Professional peels, lightening serum or laser removal are also options your dermatologist will advise.