20 Natural Products You Can Make Instead of Buy

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Some of us grew up seeing our parents and grandparents making many different products from scratch! Today, there are SO many products on the market that make our lives much easier. However, these products are often made from harmful ingredients that can be detrimental to our health and the environment.

Whether it’s food, toiletries, makeup, etc., they often contain many harmful additives. It has become increasingly common to purchase the most natural products on the market, but that can take a toll on our bank accounts.

Continue reading to learn about 20 natural products you can make at home instead of buy.

20. Ketchup

Homemade ketchup

Making homemade Ketchup is simple. The ingredients are cheap, and the process won’t break your back. It tastes better than the one on the store shelf and is sugar-free. Keep the whole family healthy!

19. Bread

Homemade bread

Oh, the smell of freshly baked bread! Using your regular home ingredients to bake your bread for the week is healthier on the body and the pocket. Get the kids to help and make it a fun time.

18. Yogurt


New York Times has a delicious homemade yogurt recipe that is just three simple ingredients! You’ll have thick and creamy yogurt in no time.

Your creation will stand up against any of those in the supermarket. Once you learn how to do it, you will realize how much money you’re saving and continue to make your own.

17. Mixing Spices


It’s easy to grab a bottle of mixed spices at the grocery store, but that bottle might be packed with fillers to supplement the package. So, you are never getting what you think you pay for. Combine your own to save money. Spices are expensive!

16. Salad Dressing


Making your own salad dressing might be the easiest thing ever. You can create a delicious, healthy dressing by combining olive oil, lemon, dijon mustard and any desired seasonings. Forget about purchasing that overpriced dressing at the grocery store.

15. Maple Syrup

maple syrup natural

Syrups are so pricey nowadays, and many store-bought ones have unhealthy additives. Creating your own maple syrup only requires three ingredients: water, sugar and maple extract! You’ll be wishing you were making it at home long before.

14. Luxurious Bodywash

Body wash product

This homemade body-wash gently cleanses and moisturizes all body types. It saves you money, is a natural product and quite convenient for those with limited time to spare.

13. Coconut Oil Conditioner

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is so nourishing for your hair. Stop wasting money on overpriced hair products and take the natural route. Your hair will be healthier than ever before. Keep your hair looking gorgeous!

12. Homemade Toothpaste


Homemade toothpaste remineralizes and produces white teeth and proper oral health. Say goodbye to commercial variety and get innovative!

11. Herbal Deodorant


Learn to create this super strength herbal deodorant and forget about expensive chemical-based versions. Whatever enters your body from this herbal variety, you know it will not harm you.

10. Honey Shampoo

Handmade natural honey

Your hair will fall in love with homemade honey shampoo. It combats dandruff, moisturizes, and reduces frizz. Plus, it is simple to make. It’s natural and skin-friendly. Various honey shampoo recipes can be found online.

9. Natural Sunscreen

healthy skin sunscreen natural

You are probably aware that most sunscreens on the market are packed with harmful chemicals. You are more likely to harm your skin using them. So, make your own natural sunscreen and save your skin!

8. Reusable DIY Disinfectant Wipes

Reusable wipes

Disposable disinfectant wipes are very harmful to the environment. So, why not save money and the environment by creating your reusable wipes.

7. Eye Liner

charcoal eyeliner natural

You can make your own eyeliner at home that can also double as a smokey eye shadow. All you’ll need is charcoal and water. Wow! Also, you can find comfort knowing nothing toxic is going on your skin!

6. Tinted Lipstick

Making homemade lipstick

Become a master at making your own tinted lipstick at home. All you need beeswax pastilles, Shea butter and coconut oil. You can experiment with different natural powders such as beetroot to form different hues.

5. Natural Blush


Gift your cheeks with a rosy tint. Create this natural blush and brighten up your complexion naturally.

4. Foundation

Portrait,of,a,young,dark Skinned,woman,applying,blush,with,brush

This natural foundation from Thankyoubody.com contains non-toxic ingredients that are excellent for the skin. It’s also super easy to make.

3. Lavender Bath Salts

natural lavender bath

To avoid any toxic chemicals, make your own lavender bath salts. You will need Epsom salts, sea salt, essential oils from lavender and some dried lavender buds. Treat yourself to some self-care using your homemade bath salts.

2. Anti-Wrinkle Cream

cream wrinkle

There are numerous anti-aging/wrinkling creams on the market, promising to make you appear younger. However, they are often full of chemicals, preservatives and unhealthy ingredients. Create your own natural anti-wrinkling cream and watch your skin thrive.

1. Un-Paper Towels

paper towel

We all use paper towels much too often, wasting so much paper and harming the environment. These un-paper towels are like your paper towels but are more absorbent, prettier and reusable.

The more natural, the better!

It’s time to get back to basics and live as naturally as we are meant to. How else are we going to live healthily and longer? There are hundreds of products we can make for ourselves to stay healthy and save money. Let’s do our best to search them out and make the change.