25 Animal Facts that Will Make You Smile

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Animal Facts that will make you smile - All time lists

If these animal facts don’t put a smile on your face, we don’t know what will. From cows having best friends, to Japanese Macaques making snowballs, these animal facts are bound to make you love animals even more. Read on to discover some of the most interesting animal facts that you just have to know.

25. Dolphins have names for each other

DId you know that dolphins have names for each other? Scientists say that dolphins call each other by names just like us, humans. They have signature whistles to address other dolphins.

24. Oysters change their gender

Oysters have the ability to change their gender according to what is best for mating. That is to say, the oysters have the ability to produce sperms or eggs. At any given time they will only be able to produce one; sperms or eggs.

23. Butterflies have taste sensors in their feet

Butterflies taste with their feet, didn’t see that one coming, did you now? Wondering how? Well, they have taste sensors on their feet. By standing on its feet it can taste. Butterflies will then judge if its caterpillars may like the taste or not and lay their eggs accordingly.

22. Dog’s nose prints are unique

Nose prints of dogs are as distinctive as those of human fingerprints. That means, that these nose prints can be used to identify dogs. If you take a close look at its nose, you will be able to see the lines forming a unique pattern.

21. Rabbit show jumping

Kaninhoppning, have you heard of it before? If you haven’t, it’s a competition held in Sweden and other European countries. It’s actually a rabbit show that features jumping. It was modeled after horse show jumping.

20. Penguin gets knighthood

Meet Colonel-in-Chief Sir Nils Olav, a king penguin who resides in the Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland. Sir Nils Olav was knighted by the Norwegian Army by soldiers from the Norwegian Royal Guard which was approved by King Harald V.

19. Cows have best friends

Stressed that you haven’t met your best friend this week? Same goes for cows apparently. Scientists say that cows have best friends and get really stressed if they are separated.

18. Macaques buying snacks from vending machines in Japan

Yes, you read that correctly. Macaque monkeys in Japan have learned to steal coins from wallets to buy their snacks and drinks from vending machines.

17. Rats laugh when tickled

Like humans, rats have certain areas in their body that make them laugh when tickled.

16. Turtles are able to breathe through their butts

The Australian White-throated snapping turtle, also referred to as the “bum-breathing turtle”, can acquire 70% of its oxygen through its butt.

15. Cat version of the Corgi

It does exist, a cat version of the Corgi, it’s the munchkin cat, a new breed that is characterized by its short legs.

14. Seahorses mate for life and the male seahorse bears the young

Unlike most other fish, the sea horse is monogamous and they mate for life. It doesn’t stop there, more interestingly the male seahorse bears its unborn young. When mating, the female transfers its eggs into the ventral pouch of the males.

13. Squirrels adopt orphan squirrels

These animals have a soft side to them, they actually adopt abandoned squirrels that are closely related to them.

12. Sea otters hold hand while sleeping

How adorable is that? Sea otters hold hands when sleeping so that they don’t float away from each other.

11. Cows produce more milk when listening to music

A study has found out that cows produce more milk when listening to soothing music as it mitigates stress levels. Take note, club classics showed no effect on milk production. Slow jam is the key.

10. Macaques make snowballs for fun

Up for a snowball fight? Maybe you should challenge a Japanese Macaque. These fluffy animals seem to enjoy playing around in the snow.

9. Killing a Panda is punishable by death in China

Pandas are endangered animals that are well protected in China. Poaching and trafficking of its parts are illegal in the country. Under the Chinese law, killing such animals can sentence one up to 10 years in prison and even can attract the death penalty.

8. Crows play prank on each other

Scientists have discovered that crows are so intelligent that they even play pranks on each other.

7. Squirrels plant thousand of trees

They do, they plant thousands of trees. How? These animals have a habit of burying their nuts and acorns underground in order to preserve them. They come back to to their nuts at a later time to eat them. However, they forget where they buried the nuts and acorns and these acorns grow into trees.

6. Male puppies let female puppies win

Ladies first, eh? This rule even applies to puppies it seems. A study has shown, that male puppies let the female win even when the male puppies have a physical advantage. The male animals put themselves in disadvantageous spots that are vulnerable to attack. The gentlemanly dog behavior is utterly adorable.

5. Chicks can communicate with their mother before hatching

The mother bird can communicate with their developing chicks even before they are hatched. Canary mothers leave a message to their young by changing the conditions within the egg. In response to the messages, the offspring adjusts its behavior accordingly.

4. Goats have accents

You thought all the goats sounded the same, didn’t you? Nope, that isn’t true anymore. Researchers claim that these animals bleat with different accents.

3. Gentoo penguins propose with a pebble.

Gentoo penguins woo partners with a pebble that are very carefully chosen. Roslin Talbot, the Head Keeper at Edinburgh Zoo stated that, “Penguins are one of the visitors’ favorite animals in the Zoo and this time of the year is always a good time to see them as there are lots of activity going on. Pebble envy is natural gentoo behavior, but as males compete for their female’s affections then we do witness lots of pebble motivated squabbles.”

2. Elephant shrews are related to elephants

Elephants shrews are oddly more related to elephants than to shrews.

1. Puffins mate for life

Yes, puffins are monogamous and mate for life. This is a result of allegiance to their nesting sites returning to the same burrows every year.

We hope these 25 facts put a smile on your face!