5 Benefits Most People Don’t Know About Having a Sam’s Club Membership

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Sam's Club Membership

There’s a reason people love shopping at Sam’s Club. Not only do savvy shoppers pick themselves up great savings, but there are added perks to becoming a member, too.

You probably knew becoming a Sam’s Club member gets you access to special wholesale prices on everything from groceries to electronics to holiday decorations, but did you know it could be good for your health, too? 

Here are five of the benefits you might not realize come along with a Sam’s Club membership.

5. Health Screenings

Health Screenings

Becoming a Sam’s Club member is good for your health, as well as your bank account, and not just because finding bargains on a shopping spree is so mentally uplifting. The membership also allows you health screenings at its pharmacies.

Members can get a blood glucose screening free of charge at any time, and cholesterol tests are just $19. They even offer health test events throughout the year, where members can take advantage of special offers on body-fat analysis, blood pressure, cholesterol, hearing and vision testing. 

4. Tire Services

Tire And Battery

Sam’s Club will rotate, balance, and repair tires and install wiper blades and test car batteries, all totally free for members. Plus, the flat tire repair service even applies for tires bought from other stores. For many, these free car maintenance services alone make it worth becoming a member

3. Cheap Prescriptions

Prescriptions Sams Club

Are you overpaying for your prescriptions? If you have a premium Sam’s Club membership, you can get five common generic drugs completely free in most states, while 600 others are offered for $10 or less. Plus, members pay way less than they would at CVS or Walgreens. 

2. Satisfaction Guarantees

Sams Club Satisfaction

Satisfaction guarantees! Meaning you can shop with total peace of mind. Most items, except for electronics, don’t even have a set time limit for returns. For food shopping, Sam’s Club’s Freshness Guarantee also means that, if needed, you can get a full refund plus a replacement of fresh produce, meat and baked goods. You could also double your money back instead. In fact, you can even refund the membership fee itself if you’re truly not satisfied.

1. Discounted Insurance 

Sam Club

Sam’s Club also offers insurance and other vital memberships through third parties. And, if you’re a Sam’s Club member, you can enjoy exclusive rates on those, such as health insurance for individuals and businesses. Sam’s Club has got you covered! 

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