5 Greatest Places To Live in the U.S.

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Everyone hopes to live in a place that they absolutely love. The U.S. boasts many excellent places, but clearly, some are better than others. Many persons ‘best place’ will differ, as we all have different tastes and preferences. Some need to live in big cities; others need quiet suburbs for retirement or just a peaceful, less robust lifestyle.

The average person looking for somewhere to live needs affordable housing, job availability and other necessary resources that make life satisfying and enjoyable—culture, education, safety, modern infrastructure and entertainment.

Here is our list of what we consider to be the five best places in the U.S. to live. Hopefully, you will find it helpful in your quest for the best place to settle down.

5. St. Petersburg, Florida

Popular for retirees

St. Petersburg Florida

St. Petersburg’s relatively low cost of living draws the educated and retirees to their shores. Employment is generated mostly by the Health Care Industry, Retail and Professional Services, such as teaching and security.

Home shopping networks are right up there also! Their dynamic art world and vibrant tourism industry are an added attraction for those who need to live a leisurely life.

Lovely areas to choose from:

-Roser Park is a historic neighborhood close to the ocean and full of elegant green spaces for nature lovers. You can find water architecture running through homes, which gives that tranquil effect on the mind.

-Kenwood is one of the hippest places to live. It has smaller family-size homes and beautiful brick streets. It is also home to many artists.

-Boca Ciega is a safe and affluent retirement community. It’s right on the water for those aqua-centered beach lovers.

4. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Fortune 500 companies and universities


Education and business mark the spot for this thriving metropolis! Companies such as Best Buy, Target and 3M make up the job creation market and employ thousands, so unemployment is low. Isn’t that great?!

You can live an affordable and enjoyable lifestyle in this city! The level of education is exceptionally high, as there are several colleges and universities in Minneapolis. It also gets high marks for safety

Spectacular areas to choose from:

-Edina is the number one suburb with an A grade for its school system. Low in crime, high in entertainment and recreation. Home to many of the parks and twenty minutes of travel time to work.

-Chanhassen is a beautiful community with wide-open spaces! You can have fun at the Bluff Creek Golf Course or visit the Chanhassen Cinema and find a mural every time of the late musician Prince.

-Eden Prairie is a beauty of a suburb. You can walk on the hiking trails of Anderson Lake Park Reserve or watch the beautiful sunsets from your home.

3. Portland, Oregon

Cool and beautiful

Portland Oregon

If you are running from the heat of warmer states but still need something affordable, Portland, with its remarkable landscapes and beautiful architecture, is for you. It’s a highly affordable state and culturally savvy. Their shops, restaurants and galleries always provide something for you to see and do.

If you are into sports, Portlands highly ranked NBA team gives you some high moments, along with the MLS Soccer Team. There are major employment organizations there, such as Nike and Boeing. Plus, Oregon is free of sales-tax.

Fantastic suburbs to choose from:

-Bethany is one of the best places to live in Portland! Their public schools are A-rated, and the parks are awesome.

-Lake Oswego has a strong sense of community and attracts many retirees.

-West Linn has beautifully kept houses. There are lots of shops and parks, and the school system is fantastic.

2. Appleton, Wisconsin

Prosperous and progressive

Appleton Wisconsin

The educated city of Appleton is situated offshore the beautiful and calming Fox River. The city has a low poverty rate and economic prosperity are due mainly to its business prowess.

The St. Elizabeth Hospital, Thrivent Financial Services and the School District are some of the sources of employment. The city also has a trusted safety record and is kids friendly and appropriate for families!

Presently, they boast twenty-eight parks for recreation, including the Memorial Park, with great amenities. Appleton has many tourist attractions, including the Hearthstone House and several museums. You can view the Harry Houdini exhibits at the History Museum.

Some great suburbs in the Appleton Area:

Kimberly is an excellent choice, with great people and the right schools. The growing business district is great for entrepreneurs.

-Little Chute is also the place to raise families! The school system is awesome, and residents have a sense of safety and well-being in their environment.

-Combined Locks is another safe place with a clean environment and wonderful neighbors!

1. Austin, Texas

Affordable lifestyle

Austin Texas

The ostentatious Austin, Texas, is at the top of our list! It receives high marks for all the areas of necessities. Texas University pushes this city to be highly educated, which lands jobseekers into lucrative positions and affordable lifestyles. Austin gets super high marks for culture.

So, if you are looking for somewhere to live with diverse cultural expressions, you can soak up the melting pot of diversity represented here—for example, the Latino Music Festival. Austin is also relatively crime-free.

Some great places in Austin to choose from:

-Allandale is a few minutes away from downtown and excellent for young professionals starting a family.

-Cherrywood has a sense of old and new Austin, creating an exciting mix to attract all age groups to new developments, duplexes and elegant bungalows.

-East Austin is also highly popular, with lots of new development recently! It still has the colorful reputation of the Bohemian as well as artists’ influence.

The U.S. is filled with beautiful places to live; the choices are endless! Most people want to live in neighborhoods where they are comfortable. It is also important to settle down where you can find schools and jobs, excellent infrastructure, a clean environment and great neighbors.

We have narrowed it down to five, but you can explore to your heart’s content and find the place that best suits you.