5 Often Overlooked Reasons To Learn a Second Language

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We all have a language we’d love to learn someday. An ideal version of our future selves is living their best life and maybe that includes having fluent conversations with locals in the language of our choice.

That future self is closer than you think. You can learn a language more easily than ever before, right from your phone with the app Mondly Language Learning. The app uses revolutionary speech recognition technology and fun, quick lessons to have you speaking conversationally in no time.

There’s no better time to start learning your next language. Some benefits of knowing more than one language are overlooked but very valuable.

Here are five often-overlooked reasons you should learn a second language today

5. It Will Boost Your Confidence 


Learning a language, especially when you learn one conversationally, means putting yourself out there to speak to people. The feeling you get after going out of your comfort zone and the satisfaction that comes from having a successful conversation is unrivaled. There’s simply no boost like it. 

4. It Could Land You Your Dream Job or Pay Raise

Pay Raise

Being able to demonstrate that you speak multiple languages shows an employer that you are intelligent, skilled and an excellent communicator. No matter your sector, the demand for bilingual professionals is increasing all the time.

Knowing an additional language can even lead to increased salaries and bonuses. Why not pick up a potentially-lucrative skill at your own pace from anywhere with an internet connection? Well, that is made possible with Mondly Learning Language

3. It Lets You Experience the World Like Never Have Before 

Enjoy World Language

Is there anything more aspirational than wandering into a Parisian cafe and effortlessly ordering a pain au chocolat on your dream European vacation? Speaking the local language totally transforms a trip abroad, making the experience of traveling much more immersive, social and interactive than it ever could have been. Also, in some places, knowing the language can help keep you safe. 

2. It Helps You Form Deeper Relationships 

Deep Relationship

Being able to speak to someone in their native language completely changes your relationship. Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, being able to speak conversationally with others creates a connection you could never have had otherwise. Without a language barrier, you will be able to build life-long relationships with people from all around the world.

1. It Can Turn You Into a Polyglot


Once you’ve tackled a second language. Why stop there? Studies show that learning a second language actually makes learning additional languages easier. You will have developed new brain networks once you decide to learn your third language. And from there, you can learn as many as you desire.

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