5 Creepy Facts About Cockroaches

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5 Reasons Why Cockroaches Are Scarier Than Dating Taylor Swift

Very few insects in the world are more detested than cockroaches. Even the word itself can be an insult “Hey you cockroach! Get out of here!”. So let’s say you have cockroaches in your home or your office or God forbid your favorite restaurant and you decide that you’re going to rid of them. This may not be as simple as you think. Cockroaches are really terrifying looking insects and are nearly impossible to kill. Here’s what you are up against:

5. Cockroaches Don’t Have a Brain

Cockroaches are brainless creatures, but they do have an instinct and a ferocious desire to survive and reproduce. They are small and can fit into tiny cracks and crevices. Cockroaches like the German Roach have great peripheral vision. This particular type of cockroach has some hip looking wrap around eyes carved into their heads. Their antennae are also heavily specialized and detect food and water as well as threatening notices. The cockroach always keeps its antennae clean. Not too bad for an insect without a brain!

4. They Can Detect Your Every Move

Super sensitive hairs alert the cockroach when you start to move. Once the cockroach senses you, it takes off at a speed up to 11 inches per second. This is the human equivalent of 93 miles an hour. We supposed they can run at you at 93 miles per hour as well. Creepy!

3. Your House is Their Perfect Environment

Cockroaches can live an entire month without food. In your home, in one month, can you honestly say that there won’t be one leaky faucet or at least a few crumbs to feed them? And the nightmare gets worse. When you see hundreds of them leaving your kitchen you know they aren’t the only ones. That is just the tip of the iceberg. They can multiply incredibly fast in the right conditions.

2. The Multiply Like Crazy

A female cockroach can keep enough sperm for up to seven generations of cockroaches even though they only mate one time in their lives. This means that each female cockroach can produce around about 300 young cockroaches in her life span. Since cockroaches have a life span of almost 1 year, the female cockroach can carry almost 6 years of cockroaches in her body during her entire life.

So, you can’t kill all of them as there are so just many of them living in the small shadowy cracks in your rooms. They multiply like crazy and only have to mate once to expand their numbers within your home. Creepy!

1. They Love To Eat Bones and Decaying Animals

They are surely nature’s scavengers and are known to snack on just about anything. They also will eat the remains of deceased animals for sustenance. They are nature’s survivors and they do what it takes to survive. That is why they have lived on this earth for so long. They adapt to every situation and are tough little cookies.

Keep your house clean or these guys will certainly invade.