6 Best Live TV Streaming Services of 2021

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There are endless possibilities these days as to which platform you want to watch your favorite show on. Live streaming is fast-growing. Between April 2019 and April 2020, the live streaming industry grew 99%.

The live interactions with viewers and presenters through live streams are so gratifying; the industry has nowhere to go but up! It’s expected to be worth more than 70 billion this year.

Here is 2021, providing us with so many live stream services—we all have options! But what are the best ones? Living in a challenging economy, everyone is looking for deals and inexpensive avenues to enjoy what we love.

Streaming services allow you to leave cable behind and still keep your favorite TV channels for Sports and News. Let’s take a look at what the best live TV streaming services are this year.

6. Sling TV-Blue—Best for your money

Sling TV stream costs $35/month and has better channels than its cheaper competitors such as Philo, which costs $20, and TVision, $10. There are more options and a better interface. It’s a steal when you compare its price to the cable you ditched and other streaming services.

Sling also has a better price than Hulu Plus Live TV and YouTube, since it has limited local stations and limited availability of local NBC and Fox. Sling offers two $35/month channels: Sling Orange and Sling Blue, which confuses some people! Some of the channels are available on both Sling Blue and Sling Orange, but they differ significantly.

If you are an ESPN sports fan, then Orange will accommodate you, along with a great Disney package. However, for a more gratifying array of channels, Sling Blue is a more viable option, and you still receive Fox and NBC.

5. YouTubeTV—Best high-end streamer

YouTube added eight more channels recently and included the RedZone and the NFL Network. It sports more top channels than any of its other competitors and remains the only one with PBS stations.

The streaming platform has the best cloud DVR of all the others in the business and competitively offers unlimited storage and nine months of recordings. Most of the others offer only 30 days.

YouTube TV takes its interface seriously-it delivers the most service that a cable company ever gives. And unlike Sling and others, there’s simply no confusion with the price. It will cost you $64.99/month. So, if you are looking for the best service in streaming and don’t mind paying for it, YouTube TV is the perfect option for you.

4. Hulu Plus Live TV—Best on demand

Hulu Plus hiked up their price in December to $65/month when they added several new channels. This doesn’t make them as robust as YouTube, or Fobu, however. Hulu on-demand catalog sets it apart, though, from the rest. It boasts exclusive titles and content that adds advantages that no other streaming platform can match.

When it comes to interface and DVR, however, it’s way behind other competitors. You’ll also have to pay $10 extra per month to ditch commercials on its cloud DVR. So, for the same price, YouTube looks more attractive!

3. FuboTV—Best for sports fans

FuboTV offers an array of channels only second to YouTube. Because it’s sports-focused, sports fans, especially soccer fans, can have a field day!

So, there is much to love about this service. NFL fans stream on the platform also. Another place to watch is YouTube—it offers NFL Network and RedZone, Optionally.

FuboTV added an interesting set of channels in August of 2020. These include ESPN and Disney channels. However, they dropped the Turner Networks.

These networks include CNN, TBS and TNT (they carry a fair amount of NBA and MLB sports). The programming lapse and high price tag of $64.99/month make it not as attractive as the rest.

2. AT&T TV—Best for channel flipping

This streaming service filled a huge gap when they added the missing channels people were hoping to find. For this provision, though, it’s the most expensive service so far. The ultimate package costs $94.99/month.

Although they maintain a traditional interface, you have a flipper-friendly choice of swiping right and left and change the channel at will. Before you jump to switch, though, make sure it includes your favorite channels.

For those cable ditchers who still want to know what their local NBA teams are up to, AT&T TV $84.99 Choice Package is a great deal. This is because it has access to more Regional Sports Networks (RSNs), and they added HBO.

1. PhiloTV—Best life-style entertainment

Philo has a basic system going here with 63 channels for $20/ month. Entertainment and Lifestyle channels like A&E, BET, Hallmark, AMC, Discovery Channel and many more of our favorites are on offer. Inexpensive, no contract, both live and on-demand content. Simultaneous streaming and unlimited DRV.

Live streaming is here to stay, but they can’t give you everything. Be sure to investigate what channel none of these providers can give. For example, PBS that only YouTube offers. Do your homework and follow the reviews on each to get a better sense of what will suit you.

There are other live TV options out there, including T-MobileTV for $50/month and CBS All Access for $9.99/month. Whatever floats your boat, it’s on the market. Getting connected to your much-loved stars and presenters in real-time is the easiest thing ever.

All you millennials wanting the here and the now will help grow the live streaming industry even further into the distant technological future. Future, here we come!

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