8 Bad Cleaning Habits You Might Have

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Although it is not the most fun activity, we all have to clean. It may be your home, our school or in the workplace. When you are in cleaning mode, there is no stopping you. Ready to fight deadly germs and keep our surroundings clean and fresh.

We all need a clean environment to help us live to our full potential. However, there might be some things about your cleaning habits that could use improvement. Cleaning efficiently and effectively will make your life much easier. Continue reading to see if you are a victim of any of the following eight bad cleaning habits.

8. You don’t plan

If you start a serious cleaning without a plan, you will not get the most out of your cleaning spree. You will only feel overwhelmed and disorganized. If you are cleaning one particular thing in your home, there is usually not much need for a plan. However, when cleaning the whole house, having a plan will make your life so much easier.

We recommend that you start from the top floor of your house and move down. Move from one end of the house to the next in a clockwise direction. It is sure to relieve stress when you clean step by step.

7. You wipe off disinfectant too quickly

When you spray disinfectant on a surface, it often needs to sit for up to 10 minutes to work. You should not spray and wipe immediately. It is also important to remove debris and any dirt before spraying so that the disinfectant reaches all of the surface areas. There may be other ways you have been using disinfectant wrong, so read the label because it will tell you the product dwell time.

6. Poorly loading the dishwasher

If you load your dishwasher in a disorganized way or overload it, your dishes will not be cleaned well. It would be best if you spent time putting things in their correct place, such as keeping your cups on the top shelf and making sure they are upside down.

Mix up the utensils so items are not sticking together and ensure the spraying arms can reach the dirty areas. It is also important to keep your dishwasher itself clean so that it can do the job it’s intended to do effectively. Also, ensure that your dishwashing soap is of high quality for the best results.

5. Scrubbing a fresh carpet stain

When there is a spill on your carpet, your immediate reaction is probably to scrub that stain aggressively! This action only makes matters worse for your carpet, because it will press the stain further into the carpet and destroy the fibers.

The correct response is to blot the area gently to pick up as much of that stain as you can. When the area is dry, a stain lifter, suck as Blue Magic Carpet Stain and Spot Lifter, will do wonders for your carpet. Just follow the instructions.

4. Not cleaning the fridge vent and grill

Did you know you should be cleaning your fridge vent or grill? Many of you probably don’t clean it but should start. Fridges can die faster if the vent is never cleaned. The grill and vent collect dust, and dust in the vent causes a slowing down of the system.

So, once per month, you can use soapy water to wipe down your vent and grill gently. For dirt and grime in those hard to reach places, you can use a vacuum. Also, remember to clean the top of the fridge.

3. Dirty sponges

As you gather your materials for a big cleaning spree, make sure your products are in good condition. A dirty sponge will not work for you but against you! A sponge absorbs dirt and is likely to be the dirtiest thing in your home.

You need to disinfect it frequently or replace it altogether. If you don’t, you will spread the germs you are fighting against. It is good to have back-up sponges ready to attack dirty dishes and surfaces.

2. Kitchen handles and doorknobs

The kitchen has its fair share of grime, which means germs are building up. Left without cleaning is bad for the occupants of the house. The doorknobs and handles in your kitchen are often forgotten about when cleaning.

A lot of time is spent in the kitchen, so these areas easily attract grease, grime and bacteria! You don’t need an expensive cleaner to remove the build-up. A wipe down with soapy water will do the job. Be sure to dry thoroughly to eliminate water stains.

1. Cleaning everything at once

Your designated cleaning day is unlikely to be enough time to clean everything that needs cleaning! There are areas and things that ought to get a whole day dedicated to them or should be getting frequently cleaned.

For example, take a day to clean your home’s bathrooms and nothing else. This will help ensure you thoroughly clean without rushing onto the next thing. Frequently touched surfaces such as handles, keyboards and cupboards should be cleaned regularly, not just on “cleaning days.”

Although not always easy, it is crucial to get into good habits that will enhance your life. Effectively cleaning your home is one of those good habits, so consider the previously listed tips next time you clean your home.

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