8 Fascinating Facts About the Late Sean Connery

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Sir Sean Connery passed away on October 31, 2020. He was one of the most respected and celebrated actors to grace our TV screens and the film industry. Many people knew the big Scotsman as 007, and many also knew that he headlined several movies and appeared in dozens of television series.

The passing of a great person always leaves people grieving, but at least we can honor the light they leave behind. Let’s see if you knew these other fascinating facts about Sir Connery!

8. He Retired From Acting In 2006

Connery retired after working on the live-action adaptation of “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,” and the movie was sadly a failure at the box office. That was not the reason for his retirement, however. He was just tired of the whole process! He had signed on to the project to offer improvement but failed miserably, which frustrated the heck out of him.

He vocally criticized the director, Stephen Norrington, and declared that the man should be locked up for being insane. Sir Connery considered returning to do another role in the New Indiana Jones film that was but ultimately declined and said, “retirement is just too much fun!”

7. He Was the Best James Bond

Polls upon polls declared Sir Connery was the best James Bond actor of all time. In a poll conducted on the day he passed by RadioTimes.com, he took the lead after 14,000 votes in a round-robin-like tournament. At the end of the third round, he received 44% of the votes, Timothy Dalton, 32%, Pierce Brosnan, 23% and Roger more were knocked out of the competition.

Connery played the James Bond role six times, beginning with Dr. No in 1962 and culminating his run in 1971, with Diamonds Are Forever. He reprised the roll in 1983, with Never Say Never.

6. Queen Elizabeth II Knighted Him 

In ancient times, a subject of the king or queen was knighted for being an outstanding leader. In the 21st century, however, individuals are knighted for contribution to the United Kingdom. Sir Connery was knighted for his services to movies and drama in 2000 when he was 69 years.

5. He Was a Bodybuilder and Model

Connery was such a talented actor and a handsome knight of the British Empire, but he was so much more than that! Having been a bodybuilder and a model, he had a sculpted body, the swanky walk, the good looks and charisma that attracted people. He was pretty much the perfect package. These characteristics helped to push his long career and numerous accolades, which described him as one of the world’s most attractive men.

In 1989, he got awarded by People Magazine, the coveted “Sexiest Man Alive,” and ten years later, he landed a prize nobody had ever received, “The Sexiest Man of the Century,” by New Women Magazine.

4. He Served in the Royal Navy 

Connery joined the army at the tender age of 16. He served in the armed forces for three years before he became ill with a painful duodenal ulcer. The men in his family were affected by this condition in earlier generations.

Having being trained in the Naval Gunnery, he went on to serve with an-anti aircraft crew. Shortly after that, he got assigned to the HMS Formidable, an illustrious-class aircraft carrier. Sir Connery then got tattooed! His tattoo reflected his two most loved treasures; his family and Scotland.

After leaving the army, life became hard for the Scotsman. He drove a truck, polished coffins, was a lifeguard and did modeling for the Edinburg College of Art artists.

3. He Had Many More Accolades Besides James Bond

Sir Connery did not only play James Bond, but he also acted in multiple movies and TV series. He received numerous awards, including the British Academy Film Award for Best Actor, The Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor and several Golden Globes for Best Supporting actor.

Connery also received Commander of the Order of Arts & Letters, from France, in 1987, the Kennedy Center Honor in 1999. In 2006, The American Film Institute honored him with a Life Time Achievement Award for his numerous contribution to the Arts.

When he passed, numerous statements of appreciation flooded the airwaves and internet from other noteworthy celebrities. Other statements came from fans who loved and appreciated his performances throughout his life.

2. His First Name is Thomas

Sean is actually not his first name, it is his middle name. He was named Thomas after his grandfather. He decided to make Sean Connery his stage name because the name ‘Sean’ reminded him of his favorite movie hero, Shane, who was plated by Alan Ladd.

1. He Can Do it All

Spending time conditioning his body and getting fit, he attracted the Manchester United football team’s manager when he was twenty-three years old. That would be a dream come true for most young footballers in the UK. At first, Sir Connery was ecstatic, until he realized that most footballers peaked at thirty.

Luckily he turned the football opportunity down and soon found his passion for acting. A friend told him that South Pacific was doing an open audition. He went and landed the job as a chorus boy and moved up through the ranks as the production continued. He kept attracting other roles leading up to his fame.

There is no question Sir Sean Connery lived a full, enjoyable life, considering all we have seen and learned about him. He experienced hardships and struggles before he finally made it big! Almost every accomplished person had a prior life that hardened their resolve to succeed and shaped their future into what it has become. We can all learn here that hardship is not a deterrent to success. No one should give up in the struggles of life, but press on and grab at the opportunities as they come our way, as Sir Connery did.

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