8 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in 2018

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Now that Earth Day is just around the corner, April 22nd to be exact, let us look into some ways to celebrate Earth day. Why? Well, there’s a holiday and a celebration for pretty much everything in our culture today. But what really deserves a day of honor more than Mother Earth? After all our best efforts to pollute our planet, this is the least we can do. We should focus, at least one day a year, on ways we can improve our Earth, reduce our footprint, and make the world a better place.

There are loads of fun and easy ways for us to get going with our mission, here are some of them.

8. Don’t Drive

Yes, you read it right. Although, it looks like it’s going to be an uneventful day without your car, remember your sacrifice goes a long way. Don’t go thinking that the alternative methods of transport won’t be much fun. You can have one awesome day, so start planning now. Let your car have a break for once. You can walk instead, take your bike out, or use public transport like the bus or train. You can even get out your old pair of roller blades or skateboard and make sure to have fun.

7. Plant Plants!

Growing your own food and eating from it, is a pleasure on its own which can only be enjoyed through experience. In the world we live in today, fast food and genetically engineered foodstuffs are swamping the markets. That is what we are getting used to. Alternatively, home grown food is delicious and healthy. What more could we want? With a little effort in this project, you can harvest healthy food, pesticide free, for a cheaper price. This year around, why don’t you try to grow one plant in which your family can consume its produce. Let it be a fruit tree, or herbs in a corner, or even planting an entire garden, the choice is yours to make. But make sure to plant something! If you don’t have a garden, don’t give up yet. You can always place a potted plant on your windowsill, kitchen wall, fire escape, balcony or come up with other innovative ways to get this project going.

6. Recycling

Everyone knows the significance of recycling and it’s an important practice to actually follow through with that action. Let us make this day a momentous day for recycling.

Start by finding out what plastics can be recycled in your area and where they can be taken after collection. Bottle collection can include milk jugs, bottles used for shampoo, toiletries, detergents and other cleaners, food jars, to name a few. Next item on your list that needs collection should be bags. Grocery bags, retail bags, dry cleaning bags, plastic wraps, etc., are some items you can hunt for. Before dropping these items off, make sure the bottles are rinsed and the caps are thrown away, unless your recycler asks for the caps specifically. Even the bags should be clean and empty. Remember those plastic wraps we mentioned before, those too should be clean and free from food.

5. Skip Your Bath

We know, we know how it sounds. But, if you reflect on all the water shortages around the world, we’ll be prepared to skip one bath on one particular day at least. A daily shower is for comfort more than for health. Think about it statistically, in a ten minute shower we use up to 189 liters of water and for a nice long bath around 264 liters. Now, let’s face the facts, a typical family in Africa gets around one tenth of the aforementioned numbers per day, this includes drinking water as well. By avoiding one shower, we will save up to 190 liters of water, isn’t that worth the sacrifice?

4. Volunteer

In our journey to celebrate Earth day like it deserves to be celebrated, the next stop is to volunteer. When like minded people gather around to do a certain task, we all know the surprisingly amazing results we can get. So why not volunteer with a group activity? Look for active projects within your community on Earth day in which you provide some help. You can also sign into the U.S Environmental Protection Agency website to find local events that are taking place near your area of residence or work. You can end up planting trees, cleaning streets and parks and even doing walks for charity.

3. Go Solar and Paperless

Going solar does not have to mean setting up expensive solar panels on your roof just for Earth day. Maybe one day, but at least for now you can take advantage of small solar harvesting devices that seems to be making a mark in the market. From phone chargers to multi panel kits, are all available today. Imagine how many cell phones are charged each day. If just a fraction were charged via portable solar devices, it could make a huge difference.

Next is to go paperless. Why? Simple, to save trees. Did you know it takes 12 trees to produce one ton of 100% non recycled newsprint. You know the information, now the power lies in your hands to make a change and to break the pattern.

2. Pay Online

When shopping and running errands on this day, which is very much likely to happen, why not pay using your credit card? Don’t ask for a receipt, have it emailed to you instead if possible. When you are checking out, bring your own reusable bags. You’ll be saving paper and in turn the trees will be very grateful.

According to some recent statistics, if everyone started dealing with money online in the USA, it could actually save around 19 million trees every year, over 2 billion tons of carbon dioxide and over 2 billion pounds of trash too. That gives us a little perspective, does it not?

1. Keep It Going All Year

Earth day is not only about helping to save the planet, it also focuses on enjoying and appreciating what we have done to preserve it for the future. How can you enjoy Mother Earth whilst being glued to your laptop or your phone or maybe even your t.v; screens in general. Earth is a beautiful place to explore, you can make arrangements beforehand on what to do on this day to take full advantage of mother Earth.

You can ride bikes, go to parks or even hang out with friends and play sports. Remember those days, where just feeling a cool breeze or feeling the sun on your face weren’t that of a big deal? Well, now it is. So allocate sometime to experience the Earth on Earth Day, it will give you a fresh outlook.

Keep it going! It’s great that we set aside a day to honor our planet in the way it deserves, but it’s even better to keep it going. Put one or two things that you have learned into daily practice, if you cant, at least weekly. Imagine the change you will create.

Try to get involved with what your local community is doing this Earth day. There are usually large community events held each year such as beach clean ups, litter removal and so on which heavily benefit your region. Sign up and make the world a better place!