9 Household Products You’ve Been Using Wrong

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When you realize you’ve been misusing household products all your life, you may feel like an idiot, but many of us have been doing the same thing!

As new inventions come on the market every day, new ideas immerge—ideas on how to do things and the various uses of the things we already own.

So, we embrace new and great ideas that will enhance our lives. Let’s explore different ways you may be using your household products wrong.

9. Your Versatile Cleaning Wipes

We pull out our Chlorox Wipes and take one swipe at a surface like our countertop and think all dirt and germ is gone. But the CDC warns otherwise.

For you to eliminate those germs and bacteria that have lodged themselves on whatever surface you’re cleaning, you need to spray the surface with a disinfecting spray and leave it on for two to three minutes with the sanitizing agent on to saturate it. After that, you can wipe it thoroughly and leave it to dry. Now your surface is germ-free.

8. Your Dishwasher

It seems many people give the dishwasher more credit than it’s due. It’s not a magic machine! Sometimes we can be lazy and load it improperly, resulting in poorly cleaned dishes.

Also, you don’t need to pre-wash putting them in, that is honestly a waste of time. Just give your dishes a good, load them in an organized manner and you’ll have sparkling clean dishes.

7. Charging Your Phone

Most of us charge our phone overnight, so it’s ready to go for the next day. However, it is actually one of the worst things we do to our batteries. Newer iPhones automatically stop charging your phone once it is fully charged, but many other phones don’t do that.

Experts recommend keeping your phone at a 30 to 50% charge, so it’s good to have a portable charger with you when you are on the go. Charging your phone through the night to obtain 100% destroys your battery life!

Check out this sanitizing phone charger that charges your phone while disinfecting it!

6. Laundry Detergent

Do you know that too much of a good thing can be harmful? Take your laundry detergent, for instance. Many persons feel that using more than the prescribed soap measurement will give them cleaner and fresher clothes.

But in reality, this can make your clothes feel greasy and dirty, and you really want the opposite! Too much detergent can also leave stains and white spots on your clothes. So, follow the measurements, use a high-efficiency detergent for the most successful wash.

5. Your Beautiful Stainless-Steel Pans

You can give your durable stainless-steel pans a bad rap if you don’t know how to use them. Don’t treat them like a non-stick and expect the same results.

Non-stick is easy to use and clean, and you can have a similar experience with your stainless-steel pans by seasoning them before using them. Coat the inside with a hefty amount of oil, and your food slips around free and easy. Stop destroying your pans!

4. Your Snow Shovel

Do you really know how to shovel snow correctly? And are you using the right shovel? Shoveling snow correctly isn’t only quicker, but it saves you backaches. Be in the correct form when you shovel by alternating your grip between your right and left hand to prevent fatigue in your muscles.

Also, be sure to bend your hips as you scoop. Rounding your back puts a strain on it that you will be complaining about later. And you may want to get a durable aluminum shovel!

3. Your Kitchen Mixer

Every home chef’s dream is to own a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. For the best result and durability, you need to use it correctly, which many people probably aren’t doing.

Aligning the beater is the number one priority to get your ingredients beaten thoroughly. If the beater is too high, some ingredients won’t mix, and too low, it will scrape against the bottom.

To get the ideal position, adjusting the alignment is quite simple. You only need to tighten or loosen the screw at the standing mixer’s neck for the lowering or raising of the beater.

2. Your Washing Machine

Laundry day can be a much better experience when you know what you are doing. If you want your clothing to maintain its colors and quality, never wash your whites with your darks. Many clothes need to be strictly dry-cleaned, so pay attention to that.

The right cycle is also essential to get the best wash, but if you are not sure, go with cold water. Warm water can loosen colors in some fabrics and cause your clothes to bleed into each other or cause shrinkage.

Don’t fill your machine drum to more than 2/3 either. Another mistake is leaving the door open after use. It can dry out the interior and cause mold.

1. Your Freezer

Overcrowding your freezer will block the vent and prevent the circulation of air. Couple this with the low temperature and your food will become spoiled due to bacteria multiplying in your food. Check your thermometer often to ensure the temperature is not too cold or too warm.

Make the most out of your handy household products!

We purchase different items for our homes so we can live comfortably. It’s best to know how to maximize their usage to benefit us as much as possible!

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