9 Ways People in Other Countries Cure Hangovers

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It happens every time — doesn’t it? The morning after the party where you’re drinking and having a good time. And the result? The dreaded hangover. Whether it’s from the bubbly at New Year’s Eve or the wine night that got out of control or a stay-at-home order that makes you want to liven up things a bit.

Even though you know that you’re going to feel queasy and your head will be pounding in the morning, before you know it, you’re overdoing it on the liquor front. It happens to the best of us!

The question is: What do you do in “your neck of the woods” to kill that hangover? Here are some remedies people in other countries use to cure their hangovers.

9. The Colombians Changua

Colombia changua, hangover

Eggs are a popular hangover food remedy. It cures your hangover and, at the same time, gives the body some required nutrients. Eggs contain an amino acid called cysteine that researchers say attacks nausea and headaches.

The Colombians poach the eggs in milk and use chopped coriander to top it, along with Los Calados, which is small pieces of stale bread. The soupy, stewy breakfast is known as Changua.

8. Bloody Caesar From Canada

bloody caeser

Canada’s favorite hangover remedy is Bloody Caesar. It’s a hair-of-the-dog cocktail and a 1969 creation from the city of Calgary. It’s a riff-off of the Bloody Mary, which features horseradish, hot sauce, vodka and a dash of briny clamato juice instead of the usual tomato juice. Oh, and don’t forget the Worcestershire sauce!

7. Kongnamul Gukbap of South Korea

Kongnamul gukbap

South Korea has a well-established drinking culture and has established its own hangover cure for those expected moments. This created genre of hangover soup or Haejang-guk, as they say.

Restaurants are never out of the curing broths; Kongnamul Gukbap is just one option they have. It’s a creation for those stumbling in from a night out on Jeonju to get their zing back for a productive workday. The soup is made of various beansprouts, spring onions and chili diced in an anchovy kelp broth.

6. Loco Moco From Hawaii

loco moco hawaii

This Hawaiian brunch staple is great, not just for hangovers.  It serves any time of the day for its nutrients. It’s a bowl of hot rice and fried eggs and gravy on top, along with a hamburger patty. It is a popular lunch for islanders. This delicious hangover-cure was invented at Lincoln Grill on the Big Island.

5. Sancocho at Puerto Rico

sancocho, puerto rico

You will find this hangover stew throughout South and Central America and Puerto Rico. It usually features beef and starchy vegetables like pumpkin, potatoes, chayote corn and yucca. This dish has African influences in the US region.

4. Utopenci From the Czech Republic


Here is an eastern European hangover cure, especially in the Czech Republic. It is common in Poland and Russia as well. The dish contains pickle brine for headache and body pains, or whatever you’re hangover has in store for you.

Over in the Czech Republic, Utopenci, which is made with pickled sausages, are sold in pubs and some restaurants. Primarily for those hangover moments. Soak pre-cooked sausage with onions in a mixture of vinegar, bay leaves, salt and other spices. Leave for about a week until tangy. It will be enough to remove that hangover and get you perky again.

3. Midnight Spaghetti in Italy

spaghetti italian

Spaghetti absorbs excess alcohol, and the Italians know to throw together a midnight spaghetti, or spaghettata di Mezzanotte. So, if you ever find yourself drinking until the break of dawn, there are varied versions that are sure to help out your liver. The most popular and delicious version is with roasted garlic, olive oil and chili.

2. Vuelve a la Vida From Mexico

Vuelve a la vida

Mexican hangover cures range from goat meat to seafood. Many of their popular cuisines are hangover-friendly dishes. For example, they often eat a spice goat stew, called Birra, or tortilla chips cooked in salsa, known as chilaquiles.

However, the one we are talking about today is a spicy seafood dish called Vuelve a la Veda, which translates, “come back to life.” The dish features seafood, such as shrimp, octopus and oyster. You will have a sauce ready to immerse them in, made from a chilled, spicy lemon or lime tomato sauce. This will fling you right back into the swing of things!

1. Matooke From Uganda 

katogo, uganda

Uganda’s staple crop, matooke, is also used for a hangover remedy. It’s a banana that looks like a plantain. The staple is cooked or fried and mashed or left whole. Then it is topped off with an offal stew (stomach or belly) of the goat or cow.

Don’t Forget to Hydrate!

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