14 Best Foods To Cook in Your Air Fryer

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9. Chicken Nuggets


Whether you purchase chicken nuggets at the store or create your own, the air fryer does the job of getting them crisped to perfection. The hot air that comes from all sides results in irresistible golden brown nuggets.

8. Fish

fish, salmon

The air fryer is great for preparing fish. However, it only works well if you cook one filet at a time. So, next time you are craving fish and chips, throw some breaded cod and french fries in the air fryer for a delicious meal.

If you like salmon, you can marinate a filet overnight and cook it in the air fryer for a flakey, crispy fish in just 10 minutes. Soy sauce, sriracha, maple syrup and garlic create a satisfying, finger-licking taste.

7. Single-Serve Pizzas 


You can use your air fryer to make personal size pizzas at home. The air fryer has an open area at the bottom that allows the air to circulate, creating a crispy crust fast!

It’s always a fun activity to make your own pizzas rather than buying them pre-made. So pick up some ready-to-bake pizza dough at the grocery store along with your favorite sauce and toppings. After having fun creating your pizza, you won’t have to wait long for the air fryer to cook your pie to perfection.