Mistakes People Are Making at Stores Right Now

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2. Mask Under Nose and Chin

Face Mask Covering

Shoppers and employees seem to be in a tangle about the proper way to wear masks in stores. Despite all the political and ideological wrangling over mask-wearing, it’s a health mandate. Wearing the mask correctly (over your nose and mouth) will prevent you and others from a trip to the hospital.

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1. You Forget To Sanitize Your Cart

Sanitize Cart

You may think you look paranoid when you get out your sanitizing wipes and clean your cart handle, but a study found that 70% of shopping carts have E. coli.

Another study showed that restrooms have fewer germs than shopping carts! So, imagine how easily COVID-19 can spread from shopping carts. Even if the store employees are disinfecting them, you don’t know how well they did it. I mean, imagine how tired they are of disinfecting every cart.

In closing, we hope this encourages you to be careful and considerate. Take these safety precautions, and return home as safely as possible. The “new normal” means some adjustments, but we can still enjoy life the best way we can.