These Memes ARE Motivational

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Motivational Meme

Yeah, a cat hanging by a wire is pretty cute, but is it really motivational? “Hang In There” isn’t really pushing us to succeed, you know? So, with all due respect to that kitty, these are the words of wisdom we’re really looking for.


The truly clueless will say, “Duh, yeah!” But REALLY think about it. If all of your co-workers carried on exactly as you do, how much would get done?


If you’re not 46 yet, this should be all the motivation you need. If you’re past 46, no worries. Almost every career coach has a story of a client even older than 46 re-inventing themselves or taking their career to another level.


OK, it’s a tad on the crude side. But yes, heap kindness on them. Firing back is only going to make them angrier.


This is true. Sara Blakely was a door-to-door fax machine salesperson when she had the idea – and undertook the very long process – for Spanx. So sometimes keeping the regular job while you work on your idea is smart.


My dad always used to say, “Motivation is the most powerful force in the universe.” That “DATE DUE” thingy on all those pieces of mail do provide good motivation for keeping a paying job.


Not sure we’ve ever seen advice to take this cliché literally. But hey, we’re always up for innovative ways to use old slogans.


It’s usually the other way around, isn’t it? But for some people, the stress of home exceeds the stress of work. So do what you gotta do.


So you don’t have the window cube. Being completely surrounded by fabric-covered walls beats the view of a street walker or railyard hobo.


In the movie The January Man, Kevin Cline was trying to score a tryst with a beautiful lady, and his closing line was, “In a hundred years, we’ll all be dead.” That’s true not only of you and me, but troublemaking customers as well.


And I’m willing to bet all my money and worldly possessions that not a single person watched him bag groceries and think or say, “He’s gonna run this place one day.” So keep working toward your dream, no matter what your current role is.