Top 10 Hacks to Lower Your Utility Bills

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Utility bills, everybody gets them, and everybody hates them. Do you feel like you’re throwing money away each month on high electric, gas, and water bills? So do a lot of people. But there are ways you can be more efficient and lower your utility bills every month. Keep reading for ten of the top tips to lowering your bills!

10. Make the most of your ceiling fan

ceiling fan

Most people only use their ceiling fans when the weather is warm, but did you know there is a switch on your ceiling fan to reverse the spin direction and push air down? There is! In the winter, when running a heater, flip the switch up to push the warm air down that has risen. This will help you utilize your warm air more effectively and run your heater less. Then, do the opposite in the summer and don’t leave fans on when you’re not in the room.

9. Thermostat settings


The optimal energy saving setting for air conditioning is 78 degrees. That might seem warm, but you will get used to it over time. In the winter, set your thermostat to 68 degrees and wear an extra layer or use blankets when inside if you get chilly. Additionally, you can set the temperature higher or lower, respectively, when you aren’t at home. This way you won’t waste electricity on cooling or heating an empty home. Just make sure it isn’t too hot or cold for your furry or feathered friends.

8. Windows

windows in living room

Older windows don’t have the same technology as the newer versions, but there are clear films you can stick on windows to keep heat in or out. Insulating films will help keep heat in during winter months and UV blocking films are best used during the summer to keep extra heat out without blocking natural light. They are easy to use and can save you a bundle.

7. Dishwashers


This hack is easier when you live with several roommates or have a family, but it is a great way to save money on your water bill. Be sure to only run your dishwasher when it is full. It can be tempting to run a small load, but taking a little time to hand wash the item you need instead of running a half empty load will save you money.

6. Use LED bulbs

LED bulb

LED bulbs are energy efficient and last for a very long time. This saves you money on your electric bill, and in the long run because you aren’t replacing light bulbs nearly as often as with a traditional bulb. Start transitioning slowly and when a bulb burns out, replace it with a new LED bulb instead until your home is fully lit by LED lights.

5. Turn off power strips

Power Strip
Image Credit: flickr

A lot of the time, devices and appliances are using energy even when they are turned off. Take a few minutes and turn off power strips when you aren’t using devices or small appliances. This is also helpful when you’re going to be gone for an extended period of time or on vacation. Unplug those energy suckers and save some cash!

4. Install a rain barrel

Rain barrel

Rain barrels are great if you live in an area that receives precipitation often. They can be a little bit of an investment, but you can save money when watering your plants and garden by using recycled rain water. Rain barrels for “water-harvesting” are not legal in all states, including Colorado. Make sure to check it out before going out and purchasing one.

3. Faucet aerators

kitchen sink

Aerators can be installed on just about any faucet, including bathroom and kitchen faucets. These little devices draw air in to be mixed with the stream of water and this results in less water delivered per second. They can be found at almost any hardware store. Ideally, you would install them on faucets that get used most frequently.

2. Block out the chill

Draft blocker
Image Credit: greenbuildingandremodeling

Every door lets in at least a little bit of outside air. Prevent cold air from coming in through a door crack and use a draft blocker. These are usually made of foam and covered in fabric or other materials. This will help keep the heat in and reduce electricity or gas bills when heating a home in the winter. They are simple to use and easy to find. You could even make your own!

1. Laundry

Towel in dryer

When drying a load of laundry, save money on your gas or electric bill by throwing in a clean towel. This trick aids with reducing drying time. Reduced drying time equals reduced electricity. Want to save even more money? Use a good old fashioned clothes line to dry your clothes.

These are some great energy saving tips if you’re hoping to lower your electric bills. Try all of them at once, or slowly start with just a couple and see how much your utility bills get reduced. Hopefully, you’ve learned some hacks that you didn’t already know and can implement them in your home.