Top 10 Hillary Clinton facts you might not know

Hillary Clinton is doing very well in the U.S. Presidential Elections. She is going to be the likely Presidential nominee from the Democrats because she is crushing Bernie Sanders. Due to her success, most people are no longer feeling the burn. But her job isn’t finished just yet. She has to beat Donald Trump, the likely nominee of the Republican and a business tycoon. You should know about the top Hillary Clinton facts.

Well, Hillary Clinton wasn’t always the confident woman she is now. When she was young, nobody would have thought that this shy little girl from Illinois would go on to become the first lady and two times Presidential candidate from the Democrats. Let’s take a look at the top Hillary Clinton facts:

10. She Started as a Republican

In high school, Hillary Clinton grew up in Illinois and was inspired by her History Teacher who was a republican and therefore, she also decided to become a republican. She wrote in her book Living History: “I was a republican and later, a Goldwater girl down to my cowboy outfit and straw hat. My ninth grade history teacher was, and still is a dedicated Republican. Mr. Carson inspired me in a number of different ways. He inspired me to write my term paper on the American conservative movement, which I dedicated to my parents.”

She also volunteered to check voter registration list to find out voters fraud. She was also elected the President of Young Republicans Club during her first year in College. Carl Bernstein, an author and journalist, called her a Rockefeller Republican in his book. However, things changed drastically and by the spring of 1968, she was supporting a Democrat, Eugene McCarthy’s presidential campaign.

9. Hillary and Bill Marriage

The meeting story of Hillary and Bill Clinton is quite interesting and a bit funny too. According to their peers, Hilary met Bill Clinton at Yale Law Library in 1971. They started good but when Bill proposed to her, she rejected his proposal. She would go on to reject his several marriage proposals before marrying him in a small ceremony in their house in 1975.

She kept her maiden name “Rodham” for five years and changed it in 1980 just to help his husband with his campaign.

8. She Won a Grammy

This is one of the most surprising Hillary Clinton fact because who would have ever thought that a politician can win a Grammy award. She won a Grammy for ‘Best Spoken word’ for her audio recording in ‘It Takes a Village’. It isn’t a commonly known fact. Even Hillary didn’t know that such a thing existed.

It is worth mentioning here that she has written five books and her memoir “Hard Choices” described her time as the Secretary of State under the Obama Administration. The book went on to become the number one political book of 2014 and more than 210,000 copies were sold.

7. Most Travelled Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton is the most traveled Secretary of State in the American history. During her three year mandate, she has visited more than 112 countries. In numbers, she has traveled just less than one million miles, which is enough to go around the world 38 times.

Hilary spent about 2000 hours in a plane during her time as the Secretary of State. The staff is quite pleased with her and said that she was quite mild throughout the whole traveling and advised them to rest as much as possible to be perfectly sane when the trip ends.

6. She hasn’t driven a Car in Twenty Years

This is another one of the top Hillary Clinton facts because it can be considered as a casualty in her protected life bubble. Both President Obama and George W. Bush complained about it. Hillary told the automobile dealers association, “The last time I drove a car myself was in 1996.”

This is just a reminder that Hillary has been living quite a private life in a closed off way. No previous presidential candidate has had this sort of life experience. Some Clinton critics says that this is one of the reasons she can’t relate with the lay man.

5. Separate Church than Her Husband

This is one of the lesser known Hillary Clinton facts. She belonged to a separate church than her husband. Bill belongs to Southern Baptist Convention whereas as Hilary was raised in a Methodist family.

After she was married with Bill Clinton, Hillary refused to leave her church affiliation. She still carries a small bible in her hand and she has a view that faith is a deeply personal thing which shouldn’t be discussed publicly.

4. Her Commitment to Women Goes Back a Few Years

Women’s issues must be trending these days, but Hillary has been fighting for these issues her whole life. Some of this passion is driven by her mother’s difficult childhood. When she was in high school, she volunteered to baby-sit children of migrant laborers. However, her resume continues to be fantastic from there on with one item after another.

Here is an excerpt of her biography from the First Ladies’ Library, “During her second year in law School, Hillary volunteered at Yale’s Child Study Center and learned about new Research on Child Brain Development. When she graduated from High School, she served as attorney for Children’s Defense fund at Cambridge.” She also founded the group Arkansas Advocates for Children and families. And this all was before she became the first lady and the Secretary of State. Some people say that this affection towards women and children is because her mother had been abandoned by her grandmother.

3. Worked in a Firm

This is another one of top Hillary Clinton facts because you don’t expect a future first lady to work in firms. But the truth is that she joined the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock in 1977. Even after her husband’s successful bid, she continued to work at the firm and became Arkansas’s first professional lady.

However, things changed in 1980 when she became the firm’s professional partner. She also gave birth to her daughter, Chelsea Victoria who was named after Joni Mitchell’s song, ‘Chelsea Morning’.

2. She can Hold Liquor

One of the interesting Hillary Clinton facts is that she can hold her own liquor. In 2004, she and Senator John McCain were both visiting Estonia. After a long and hard day, they both decided to enjoy themselves at a local restaurant.

Both of them took shots of vodka and the result was that, Hillary won by drinking four consecutive vodka shots. This is quite a feat, considering the fast effects of vodka.

1. Her Whole Life is filled with Controversies and Scandals

This certainly deserves to be the top of all Hillary Clinton facts. Hillary has spent her entire life fighting scandals and controversies. For example, she made a baking comment once which caused a lot of controversy. She said, “I could have stayed at home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession.”

In 1994, she did a press conference where she was asked about her controversies and scandals. It’s surprising to note that the press conference lasted for an hour. However, it could be longer. These days she is facing the “Servergate” scandal.

These are the top Hillary Clinton facts. These facts show that she has lived a tough life but nevertheless, has enjoyed herself whenever she got the time. She became the first lady, a senator and now, a two times Presidential nominee. She has also become the likely Democratic candidate. Let us wait and see whether she can win the whole thing or not.

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