Top 10 Hilarious Ways To Quit Your Job

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Usually, when people quit their job, they do it in a very traditional manner. They usually hand over a letter giving their two weeks notice or they meet privately with their bosses. But, that’s pretty boring, so lets change it up and go over the top 10 hilarious ways to quit your job.

Yep, it’s the complete opposite from the traditional method. Throughout this list, we will be referring to the first-time jobs, part-time jobs and careers. We are just covering all our bases, but before we jump into this list, lets just say that we really don’t recommend you quit your job this way, you may have a tough time getting another job!

10. Email or a Note

Now, out of all the options on this list, this comes in our number 10 spot because it isn’t that hilarious of the hilarious ways to quit your job featured in this list. But it’s still pretty bad.

This is a bad way to quit because it’s very impersonal not to mention unprofessional. There’s no interaction or face to face communication whatsoever. You have just made up your mind that you are leaving and that’s it. When you are stuck in a job that you can’t stand and you’re sure you’re doing the right thing for your sanity by quitting, then sometimes it is just time to quit. This may be one of the easiest ways for anyone to get out, but believe us, your bosses aren’t going to like it.

9. Lying

Basically, it’s just being dishonest in order to prolong your departure. For example, let’s use a hypothetical scenario where you say you need to take some time off work for health reasons. You know you’re not feeling great, you’re getting older and your bones are starting to ache that sort of thing. It happens, but when it’s been two months and you’re still not showing up at work, that’s looking a little fishy.

So, then you come up with all those doctors and chiropractic notes that are basically just a bunch of lies. This is one of the worst and hilarious ways to quit your job because:

  1. It’s very immature
  2. It’s a waste of everyone’s time.

Now, if you are actually sick then that’s a different story, but lying about it is just not good. Don’t do it because karma will come for you and no one likes a liar.

8. Getting Someone Else To Do It

Yes, again this is not a good route to go. You know the saying, “if you want something done right then you have to do it yourself”? Now just like number 10, this is a quick and easy way not to have to deal with telling your boss. If you’re working in a part time job and your mom calls in to quit for you then maybe it is the best choice for you.

Similarly in your full time career, you get a fellow colleague to tell your boss that you quit. That’s really bad decision and you can be sure that if you change your mind and want that job back, you’re never going to get hired again.

7. The Rant

Going off on a rant is not a good way to end things. Sometimes, when people get heated, their mouth just doesn’t have a filter and they go off screaming, stomping around and maybe even breaking things. Before you know it, they are jumping on some furniture and they end up quitting right then and there. Their anger leads them to a isolation where they can’t find a way to make things right for them.

A decision you may soon regret. You should never make a life-altering decision in the heat of the moment, because as soon as clarity hits, you will certainly realize that you have made a huge mistake. Although terrible if you are in this predicament, it is pretty entertaining to watch. That makes it one of the most hilarious ways to quit your job.

6. Vandalism

Believe it or not, grown up men and women have been known to damage work property by spelling the words “I Quit!” on their office walls. This is the way that they let their bosses know that they are leaving. That is pretty gutsy and you might even get sued for vandalizing company property. So, maybe don’t go about quitting this way.

5. In a Meeting

This is not a good way to leave because it not only will make your boss look bad, but it will also make you look bad. You’ll probably get a bad reputation in your industry because of this. It will show fellow employees, business owners or investors that you are probably not someone they want to work with in the future. So, do yourself a favor and don’t put all of this negative attention on yourself.

4. Leaving on Vacation

Leaving on vacation and never coming back is pretty funny because you are basically just bailing without telling anyone! Well, this is actually a situation a lot of you can relate to. We aren’t judging! It seems like a pretty common practice in the movies where a couple goes on vacation and just never comes back tot heir jobs. That kind of sounds awesome to think about it!

3. On the Spot

This is a pretty awful way to quit your job. Just like number 4, you are going to be leaving the company short-handed. A friend of ours actually did this while we were working at a movie theater.

Basically, the boss wasn’t that great and it was during a busy holiday rush. Shejust couldn’t take it anymore, so she told them right on the spot that “She Quit!”.

At that time she was a team leader, so she was in charge of a lot of staff members, so you can image that wasn’t a good situation for the theatre. Yeah, quitting on the spot is not the best. If you need to get out of the job where you hate it, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! But still this is one of the most hilarious ways to quit your job.

2. Publicly / Online

Now this has to be one of the absolute worst ways to quit your job and please try never ever to do this. The reason – the company now has this on record and if you say something damaging towards the company or name out any specific people and speak poorly of them, the company could sue you. Nobody has time for listening to your excuses.

1. While Intoxicated

All right, we talked about some pretty horrible ways to quit your job, but in at number 1 spot, we have the worst of them all – quitting while being intoxicated.

Yeah, this has got to be the worst way to do it. You’re not thinking clearly and you’re in a drunken haze. This is probably not the right time to be making life-changing choices. Never let Jack, Morgan or Jose make decisions for you. It’s just not going to end well.

Well there you have it, our list of the top 10 hilarious ways to quit your job. Please don’t try these, but know that they probably happen a lot more frequently than you’d think!