Top 10 Ways to Become a Millionaire

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These days the craze to acquire wealth has attained epic proportions with people going through unconventional means to earn top dollar albeit with minimal effort and shorter timeframes. From the legal to illegal activities, people have found unique and sometimes scary ways to not just earn a living but to attain a certain level of luxury. The most complicated and time consuming ventures tend to attract the most financial rewards for those involved however; there are recorded cases of people who achieved considerable wealth either through innovation, sheer luck or risk taking. If you want to hit the middle class level or higher, you may have to consider unconventional and less popular ways to make it big within the shortest possible time. Here are some of the things people have done to achieve financial prosperity.

10. Ovarian Eggs Donation

Egg donations are becoming very popular in recent times. Women who are sterile or have certain medical conditions have turned to IVF’s to aid them in the birth process. As controversial as this medical procedure has become, it continues to gain popularity and acceptance. As long as there are women with birth challenges and fertile women who are willing to sell their eggs for this system will continue to flourish.

Some issues bordering on safety have remained a burning issue to the public and within medical discourses. But, the lure of quick cash has not scared some from donating. The average cost of donating ovarian eggs per procedure in the U.S on average is about $8,000 per procedure. However, depending on the donor’ qualification and the amount of eggs produced this number is variable. Compensation also heavily varies from country to country.

9. Sperm Donations

The demand for sperm donors has remained relatively high with demand consistently on the rise. Just like ovarian eggs donations for women, men are also able to donate their sperm for a fee. Payment ranges between $800-$1000 monthly. Some collection centers pay more when the potential donor meets certain physical and health requirements. Other clinics pay donors between $80- $100 per visit.

8. Blood Donation

One of the oldest forms of donations, blood donations initially were undertaken for charity, but gradually became more business oriented. In the U.S for example, the FDA sets certain guidelines to protect the practice of blood donations for cash. Blood samples with more poundage and plasma attract higher remunerations than samples with less. Donors in the US, UK and many other European countries earn an average of $20-$50 dollars each time they donate blood.

7. Room Rentals

Gradually becoming very popular in the UK, homeowners with real estate in attractive locations can rent out a part or their house to tourists or foreign visitors who desire a comfortable lodge, but do not want to stay in hotels. People with houses at the heart of city centers or houses close to major access highways collect an average of about $150 per night. This way wealth is accumulated over a short time period.

6. Release a Viral Video on Social Media

V-loggers (video bloggers) can earn some cool cash by simply uploading personal videos online. The average pay per 1000 views is about $7 which may not be a lot of money; but when you consider the little effort put into uploading these videos and the potential amounts you can earn from it then v-logging may not be a bad idea. In 2012, the ‘’Charlie bit my finger’’ video amassed over 800million views on Youtube and earned over a hundred thousand pounds sterling. That’s quite a fortune to earn when you are only just having fun.

5. Blog for Fun

Blogging is one of the most popular ways of amassing wealth in modern times. Blogging for profit was made popular with the rise of the internet. Bloggers earn money by placing ads on their websites. If you have something you are passionate about and will do for free even if you don’t get paid, doing it online could give you the fulfillment you long for along with the extra cash.

Bloggers earn varying sums depending on the niches, blog size and market spread. Average earnings range between $3.50 daily to thousands per month. A few have been able to make it big time earning tens of thousands monthly while doing what they would have done anyway even without the pay.

4. Publish a Book

Amazon didn’t become one of the world’s largest online retail store by selling what people had no demand for. Millions of e-books are sold in Amazon and other online retail stores yearly. If you have a great idea relating to just about any topic and you feel people will be interested in learning from you why not put your ideas in words. Your thoughts can be read by people in countries far away from yours. With the internet, you don’t need to market by hand and you are not limited by geography and distance. You write down your ideas in E-book form and the internet helps you connect your readers. Book publishing has become very easy and profitable for authors.

3. Game Testing

Online video games are developed and released into the internet market in their thousands each year. With over one billion video game players in the world and about 150 million players in the US alone, the gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Before these games are released into the market, developers select gamers who test their games before they are released into the market. This is done to sample opinions and to make corrections and modifications before general release. Volunteers are paid for these testing.

2. Surveys & Questionnaires

Companies in different industries and geographical locations constantly send out questionnaires to sample opinions of consumers in order to improve their goods and service delivery. These questionnaires and surveys take less than 5 minutes to about 40 minutes to fill in depending on the survey’s nature and they compensate volunteers for their time.

1. Invest in Stocks

One of the time tested ways of amassing wealth is to buy traded stocks of quoted companies. Many people have seen their financial fortunes transformed overnight simply because they bought a stock for next to nothing at some point and watched it grow. You don’t need to engage in the day to day running of the business usually, but you get to earn a portion of the company’s profits in proportion to what you invested.

There you have it! Take a few of these ideas and get out there to make your fortune!