Top 15 Worst States for Retirement in 2021

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4. Oregon

Portland Oregon
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Believe it or not, the cost of living in Oregon is very high. In fact, the only places in the country where the cost of living is higher are Alaska, California, and Hawaii.

In Oregon, you’ll pay the highest state tax rate on most forms of retirement income, and no matter where you live in the state, you’re likely to struggle to find housing.

That’s because landlords are hiking up the rent. Why? Because of Oregon’s lucrative tech jobs, more and more people have been flooding into the state. This, in turn, has driven up the cost of living.

3. New York

New York City
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New York is the second-worst state to retire in terms of affordability. It ranks 49th in the nation. This is largely due to its high taxes and extremely competitive housing market in many of its cities.

As for the cost of a nursing home? You’ll have to pay a whopping $10,900 a month! Plus, health care services aren’t easily accessible in the northern part of the state, consisting mostly of small towns that don’t have many medical facilities nearby.

Additionally, the state received low marks for patient outcomes since it has one of the highest cancer rates in the nation.