10 Ways Bloggers Make a Fortune

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How bloggers make fortune

Ok, so not every blogger makes a fortune. But there are many experienced and talented bloggers that earn a good amount of money. So, how do they do it? How do they start and maintain their empire?

10. They Blog Repeatedly

Yes, if you’re going to start out with a plan to be a successful blogger – you’re going to have to blog constantly. In fact, many successful bloggers such as Patt Flynn, founder of Smart Passive Income, Ran Fishkin, Seomoz.org, and Darren Rowse have a post for their readers nearly everyday. They’re consistently giving feedback, sharing triumph, and presenting a portfolio of work. But, the biggest problem for many beginning bloggers is that they simply don’t have the time to post everyday. Maybe it’s college, parenting or even a full-time job that stands in the way of blogging. However, simply dedicating an hour or two 5 times a week is enough to stay up and running.

9. They’re Dedicated

Successful bloggers are dedicated. Period. Not only do they have the discipline to post almost everyday – they make each post better. They strive for perfection – for example, rereading each post for grammatical or technical writing mistakes. They’ll tweak their homepage or blog look to make sure it’s clean-cut and compatible for readers with smaller devices like phones, tablets or iPads. Moreover, many bloggers are willing to hire professionals that will proofread, edit, and revise their posts to perfection. They’ll make sure they have the best hosting, blogging platform or domain name. Questions like “Do I need to change my domain name?” Or “Is this blogging platform really the best way to reach readers?” are constantly being asked by the professional blogger. By dedication, we mean bloggers are ready to try new options and test tools out – even if this process takes a bit of time.

8. They Connect with Their Readers

It’s important for bloggers to connect with their readers. Even if it’s only a few people – connection is still vital. As experience is gained and time passes along, bloggers will gain a much bigger audience; in other words, they probably won’t have the time to interact with every single reader. But, every beginning blogger should socialize or interact with any follower or person that reads their post. This ensures their readers they’re not just reading a screen – they’re reading posts from an actual person.

7. They Have One Focus

Great bloggers know their niche. They know the theme and focus of their website or blog – and they stick to that. Zoning in on one topic establishes them as experts in that particular field. For example, let’s look at Seomoz.org – Ran Fishkin’s website. His blog is focused on one thing – SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Take a look:

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SEO. Keywords. Business. Website. Ok, so you get the idea. Point is – these guys are experts. How do we know this? Because, by zoning in on one topic or the theme of this website, which is search engine optimization, they’ll be on the top list of search results.

6. They Connect with Other Bloggers

Not only do they connect with their readers – they connect with other bloggers. By doing so, they even get other bloggers to follow them! In addition, connecting with other bloggers is a great way to offer and gain feedback, share tips, and see what the business of blogging is doing in the world wide web.

5. They Promote Themselves

They use use social media to promote their blog or website. Networking through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Snapchat is a powerful, powerful tool. People need to see your work. How? They won’t just happen to stumble across one of a thousand health blogs or one of many websites promoting one’s work. Simply posting “check out this post” for your followers’ twitter feed or your social media sites.

4. They Understand Their Audience

Successful bloggers understand their audience as well as their target audience. The demographics. What gender? What range of age are my readers? What is their goal by reading the blog or visiting the site? By understanding your audience, you have a purpose and you’ll see results.

3. The Blog Posts are Effective

They’re relatable: Blog posts shouldn’t be dull, filled with long words people can’t pronounce, or a topic people can’t relate to.

Headlines are catchy: The headlines are concise, appealing, and give readers a clear statement of the purpose of the article (or post).

They tell HOW, not what: Great blogs tell readers how to solve a problem – not just what they need to do. Let’s go back to the example of the ‘one of a thousand health blogs.’ A great health blog, with the purpose of sharing a post on losing weight, shouldn’t just tell readers the typical: “Eat right. Exercise. Be disciplined.” No – how. How do people exercise on a regular basis? What activities should they be doing? Asking questions and putting yourself in the readers’ shoes are a great way to write an effective blog post.

2. They’re Unique

One of the greatest things about differentiating between successful bloggers, or even entrepreneurs in general, is their distinct personality. They each have something about them that shines from their personality – and people are able to see that in their blog. Are you the witty or humorous blogger? Know-it-all genuis? Brutally honest? People should be able to separate you from the crowd.

1. They Love what They Do

Finally, the last thing we’ll mention about successful bloggers is they love what they’re doing. They love blogging. Period. It’s what gets them up in the morning, gives them a smile, and keeps them up at night. It’s their passion. How many times have we come across the saying “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” For many bloggers, who actually make money, blogging isn’t just about the money – it’s also a hobby. From experience, many will tell you that money was never the initiative for blogging. It’s what they loved to do – and after some time, they gained experience and invested a fortune.

So, not everyone can make a fortune with blogging. But, blogging isn’t all that hard. The experts can tell you that.