Valuable “Junk” You Probably Own

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As the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And, chances are that “junk” you have lying around the house just might actually be a treasure. With that said, here are ten junk items you probably own that are actually quite valuable.

10. Old Cereal Boxes

Cereal Box
Source: Wikimedia Commons By Michael Steeber from USA [CC BY-SA 2.0 (]

Why someone would just happen to have an old cereal box lying around is beyond me. What’s more is that in order for it to be considered valuable, the box must be unopened, with cereal still inside. I mean, who does that? Anywho, if you happen to have an unopened Jerry Rice Wheaties cereal box, for example, and it’s signed by Jerry himself, it could sell on eBay for about $150. That’s way more than what you paid for it. Not too bad for a stale box of Wheaties, huh?

9. Pyrex Dishes

Source: Wikimedia Commons By othree [CC BY 2.0 (]

Pyrex dishes, especially the colored, vintage ones, are quite valuable. For example, a Pyrex butter dish can be worth about $370. And, a turquoise Pyrex dish set can be worth about $700.

Country Living Magazine found a Pyrex dish a couple of years ago selling on eBay for $700 and another one selling on Etsy for $1,850. But, get this: According to NPR, some vintage Pyrex can be worth as much as $3,000!

If you have any Pyrex dishes in your kitchen, you’ll need to do some research first. Find out what style your dishes are and in what year they were made. Then, talk to an expert to find out how much they’re worth. Who knows, you just might be sitting on a (small) fortune.

8. Boomboxes

Source: Wikimedia Commons By MrSpectre [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

Who would’ve thought that these clunky, outdated things would be worth some money someday. Had I known that, I never would’ve gotten rid of mine. Perhaps it wouldn’t have mattered though since mine wasn’t in good condition — missing antenna, frayed cords, broken tape deck buttons, you get the picture. Anyway, if you still have your Sanyo M-X920K or Sharp GF-999 stereo boombox, you’re in luck. They could be worth $2,000 and $3,000, respectively. If you have a different brand or model, don’t fret. Just do some research to find out if yours is valuable.

7. Concert T-Shirts

Concert T Shirt
Source: Wikimedia Commons By Michal Žilinský [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

We’re more than sure you have some of these packed away in your attic, basement, or wherever you store your valuables. And, perhaps you don’t want to part ways with them due to sentimental value. But, what if someone told you you could get close to $7,000 for one? Would you change your mind? Or, what if you were told you could sell just one of yours for over $13,000? Would you part ways with it then? Of course you would! And, just so you know you’re not dreaming, yes, that is THREE zeroes after that comma. According to an article published by MSN, a Run-DMC concert t-shirt from an early 80s show recently sold for $13,022! So, what are you waiting for? Unpack those t-shirts, and start cashing in now!

6. Lamp Bases

Lamp Base
Source: Wikimedia Commons By Auckland Museum [CC BY 4.0 (]

Did you know that lamp bases often sell online for about $2,000? Did you know that they can sell for even more than that at an auction? Yep, it’s true. That’s what happened when someone came onto “Antiques Roadshow.” They were told that the Tiffany lamp base they purchased at a thrift store for $5 was actually worth $25,000! But, if you happen to have the lampshade, too, sell the whole thing together. You’ll fare better that way, Popular Mechanics says.

5. Tamagotchis

Source: Wikimedia Commons By Tomasz Sienicki [user: tsca, mail: tomasz.sienicki at] [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

If you’re a 90s kid, then you probably had a Tamagotchi. What’s more is that there are Tamagotchi collectors out there willing to pay top dollar for your pocket-sized pet. Most of these toys are worthless, but there are some rare versions that are quite valuable. For example, the Tamagotchi Ocean has been known to sell for as much as $300. And, the incredibly rare P’s Pink Tamagotchis have recently sold for up to $400. Just make sure they’re in mint condition before you try selling them. It’s even better if they’re still in the original packaging.

FYI, even if you don’t have the rare versions, you could still get some money for whatever one you have. According to an article published by MSN, other models can be worth up to $50.

4. Furbies

Source: Pixabay

Here’s another 90s toys you may have had. And, while many of these sell for a pretty penny, it’s the rare, original white version that sells for quite a bit — $800 to be exact! NOTE: the earlier versions will get you the most money.

FUN FACT: The Furby was inspired, in part, by the Tamagotchi. The idea behind it was to give kids an electronic companion that they could pet. Furby debuted in October 1998 at FAO Schwarz toy store in New York and sold for about $35. And, if you weren’t lucky enough to get one from a toy store, you were probably able to get a cheaper, furless version included in your McDonald’s Happy Meal.

3. Ephemera

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Got some old postcards, magazines, or TV Guide issues lying around the house? Don’t toss them out just yet. They could be worth big bucks. For example, some vintage Coca-Cola ads are worth $15,000. Even football programs from early Harvard vs. Yale games can fetch several hundred bucks. That’s because these highly-collectible, turn-of-the-century items can be hard to find. Just make sure they’re in pristine condition or you might not get much for them.
FYI, even old restaurant menus and city maps can be valuable. Restaurant menus can be worth $100 or more while city maps can be worth $3,000 or more.

2. Boy Scout Memorabilia

Boy Scout Memorabilia
Source: Wikimedia Commons

When it comes to Boy Scout memorabilia, the older the collection the more it could sell for. According to an article published by MSN, an assortment of Boy Scout memorabilia — medals, patches, and two sterling silver rings — from the 50s and 60s sold for $240 on eBay in 2016. And, even if your Boy Scout memorabilia is from a later time, you’ll still want to hang on to it. In a few years it’ll probably be worth big bucks.

1. Flip Clock Radios

Flip Clock Radio
Source: Wikimedia Commons By Forest51690 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

If you were around in the 80s, you likely had one of these in your house. I know I did. My parents had one in the kitchen (hmm, maybe I should check with them to see if they still have it, LOL). And, if you’ve ever watched “Back to the Future,” you probably remember seeing one in the opening scene. Anyway, as it turns out, these clocks are collector’s items that can sell for a few hundred bucks — at least that’s what Panasonic flip clock radios sell for on eBay, anyway.


Do you have any of these items in your possession? Are you planning on selling them now that you know they’re worth money? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks!