Worst States for Retirees

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Retired Couple

If you’re looking to make the most of your retirement money, avoid retiring in these 10 states.

10. New Mexico

New Mexico
Source: Pixabay

Although New Mexico has a great culture, wonderful festivals, and delicious food, it’s not really the place you want to spend your later years.

“New Mexico is a relatively poor state so prices for land and houses are low, as is the general cost of living, but this also means a relative paucity of amenities,” Quora commenter William Hembree said, according to an article published by MoneyWise.

Not only that but Social Security, retirement account distributions and pension payouts are all taxed in New Mexico. And, here’s something else: the state ranks 38th in healthcare, 45th in quality of life, and 50th in highest property crime rate.