You’re Wasting Money When You Throw Away Butter Wrapper

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Wasting Money

You are probably familiar with the term “life hacks” – a way to refer to a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way. There are life hacks in every corner of internet space to cover even the most mundane of daily activities. That’s where we come in. Today we are going to look at a clever way to save money – not throwing away the wrapper that protects those sticks of butter you use for all kinds of foods.

You use butter all the time – from breakfast to lunch to dinner to snacks to desserts. It’s a major component to almost every lifestyle. Most homes go through several sticks each week. We rarely give much thought to the wrapper. We pull it back, use the butter all at once or over a period of days, and when it’s gone, we toss the wrapper in the trash can. But holding on to that wrapper instead of throwing it away can be a real money-saver. There’s always a little butter left on the wrapper. The amount on one wrapper is not much and won’t be enough to use in a recipe. But if you put the wrappers in a plastic bag and put the plastic bag in the freezer, you will have a supply of butter that can be very useful.

Let’s explore 7 reasons why you don’t want to throw away the butter wrapper.

7. Grease your pans


If you are environmentally conscious and are striving to eliminate paper towel use from your home, this is a way to help keep that in place by using a butter wrapper instead of a paper towel. The wrappers can be used to grease a small cake or bread pan, cookie sheet, cupcake tray or casserole dish. They can also grease a skillet for light frying or sautéing. One wrapper should provide the amount of butter you need, or at the most two wrappers. This will also be a way to replace the non-stick spray you often have to use, which will help your hands stay clean.

6. Separate foods

Hamburger Patties

If you are one of those people that likes to do as much prep work as possible for multiple meals over several days, you have probably encountered the problem of making hamburger patties that you can’t keep separated. Oftentimes you will get a large freezer bag and place several burgers in a single layer, and perhaps repeat with several freezer bags. This takes up a lot of space in the freezer and exhausts your supply of freezer bags quickly. Instead, place a butter wrapper between each patty and stack them on top of each other. This will keep the patties separate and the total package will take up much less space in the freezer.

5. Grease yeast bread

Grease Yeast Bread

We love those yeast rolls you get at many restaurants, with that shimmering layer of butter on the top. Wouldn’t it be great if we could recreate that at home? Actually, you can. As soon as the bread is removed from the oven, place a few butter wrappers on top of the rolls or bread. The heat from the bread will melt the remaining butter off the wrappers onto the bread. This eliminates the need to put the bread into the microwave to melt the butter, and also the need to melt butter and brush it on top of the bread.

4. Wrap homemade candy

Homemade Candy

If you make homemade caramels or candies, you need something to wrap around them. The used butter wrappers make a great candy wrapper. The little remaining butter on the wrapper will prevent the candy from sticking to the wrapper. The unusual wrapping will also make a great conversation starter and is actually quite cute. This will make a very unique gift that will stand out from all the others.

3. Brush corn on the cob

Brush Corn

Most people love having corn on the cob as part of the summer cookout. Preparing it can be challenging. Trying to butter the corn with a knife and pat of butter can get messy and time-consuming. Use one of those butter wrappers instead. It will butter the corn nicely and will eliminate the potential mess in applying the butter. This gets you out of food prep mode and into enjoy the cookout mode much faster.

2. Cook baked potatoes

Cook Baked Potatoes

We know cooking baked potatoes in the microwave involves scrubbing them, poking holes in them with a fork and placing them in the microwave. Before you throw them in the microwave, wrap them in one of the butter wrappers from the freezer. This will give the potato a wonderful buttery skin when it is finished cooking.

1. Press Rice Krispies treats

Press Rice Krispies Treats

While most people think of these treats as a kid’s snack, the truth is that everyone loves them. They are fun to eat and fun to make – except when it comes to pressing the mixture into the pan before baking. They are extremely sticky and you have to wash your hands multiple times. To avoid this, take one of those butter wrappers out of the bag in the freezer, and use it to press the mixture into the pan. If the kids are helping prepare the treats, they will especially love this step.

At this point, you are probably thinking, “I had no idea the butter wrapper could be so useful.” Indeed, this is one of those life hacks you can use to stretch your money further than you thought you could. Your family might think you are crazy at first, but once you put those wrappers to good use, they will quickly realize your genius. It may even inspire you to explore other life hacks that could add some funds back to the household budget. Plus, you have an interesting story for friends and family – “you can do some helpful things with that old butter wrapper.”