Top 10 Strange but True Pregnancy Stories

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Top 10 Pregnancy Stories That Will Blow Your Mind

From super young fathers, to extremely old mothers, and even wilder stories in between, you’ll want to see what this list has in store for you. Today we are going to tell you about the top 10 most shocking pregnancy stories!

10. Britain’s Youngest Dad

At only 13 years of age, Alfie Patten stood out as truly newsworthy, becoming Britain’s youngest father. The mother to the child was 15-year-old Chantelle Steadman, who was his sweetheart around that time.

On the infant’s first birthday, a news story appeared that Alfie might not be the father of this child. DNA tests were taken and, as it turns out, Alfie was not the father after all.

The outcome of the DNA test demonstrated that the fifteen-year-old Kyle Barker was the genuine father of that child. After that news turned up, Alfie’s mom demanded that her child was still a virgin and that he was just being used as media outrage as Britain’s most youthful father. This stands out as one of the craziest pregnancy stories we have ever heard. A 13 year old child accused of being a father!

9. Octo-Mom

We are certain you have all found out about her back in January 2009 because she was everywhere in the media. Nadya Suleman gained international attention when she brought forth eight charming newborn children. After the babies made it past the first-week, they surpassed the previous world record for how long a complete set of octuplets had survived.

At 21 years old, Nadya got pregnant through IVF. The insemination specialist was Dr. Kim Rabba, who after the birth of octuplets, had his permit revoked for implanting a total of 12 incipient organisms into Nadya. That’s 100% more than the lawful amount to ever be utilized with IVF, and subsequently resulted in Nadya bringing 6 boys and 2 girls into the world.

8. Family Betrayal

Hilda Trujillo and her family were originally a very poor family from Peru. They all lived in a one room apartment, and eventually even more family members moved in, including Hilda’s cousin.

One day when Hilda was only 7 years old, her 22 year old cousin raped her, and five months later she was noticeably pregnant. Hilda’s mother took her to the doctor where it was revealed that her seven-year-old- daughter was pregnant!

Hilda then told her mother about her cousin, who was then charged and arrested. Three months later on December 2nd, 1957, Hilda gave birth to a healthy baby girl without any anesthetic. This goes down as one of the most popular pregnancy stories of all time.

7. Senior Gives Birth

We’re not talking about a senior in a high school, rather, a senior citizen. Daljinder Kaur is in her seventies and successfully gave birth to a baby boy with the help of IVF treatment.

This makes her one of the oldest mothers to ever give birth to a baby. The birth of her child in April 2016 was actually her first successful pregnancy in 46 years of marriage.

The couple received harsh reactions from family and community members, because in India, sometimes infertility is seen as a curse from God. Luckily, they didn’t listen because now they have a healthy baby boy.

6. Mother Forces Teen Doctor to Get Pregnant

This is one of the more sorrowful pregnancy stories on this list, because it’s not something you read or hear very often.

Usually, it’s the other way around where the mother does everything they can to keep their children from getting pregnant. Well, one woman forced her fourteen-year-old daughter to get pregnant. The mother, who had already adopted three children, came up with this plan after she was vetoed from adopting a fourth baby.

She made her eldest daughter who was just 14, inseminate herself with syringes of sperm that were purchased over the internet. The doctor agreed to do this with an intention of providing her mother with a fourth child that she could raise her own.

She thought if she did this, her mother would love her more. What a sad story.

5. Teen Grandma

During the 19th century, in various places of South Africa, females were kept in extremely close quarters of their house. A lot of the time, the chief of the clan would often include young girls as wives even though they could not bear children until they hit puberty.

However, at the young age of 8, one of the chief’s child-wives, a girl named Mum-Zi from Nigeria, had started her menstrual cycle, and ended up giving birth to her first child 9 months later. What really sets this story apart is that Mum-Zi’s daughter also gave birth at 8 years old, making Mum-Zi, 17 the time, the youngest grandmother to ever live.

4. Oh Baby!

Have you heard the story of Lina Medina?
No? Then definitely read this story:

Lina Medina gave birth at only five years old. This immediately doesn’t sound right because in order to get pregnant, the girls need to have started their menstrual cycle, which usually doesn’t happen until they are in their teens. However, some girls can start their menstrual cycle as early as age 8.

But five years old! First, let’s learn a bit more about this as it is one of the most shocking, strange but true pregnancy stories. This story takes place back in the 1930’s. The reason Lina was able to get pregnant so young was because she had a rare condition called precocious puberty which basically caused her to go through the sexual development stages at an extremely young age.

According to her mother, she had her first menstrual cycle at only two and a half years old and by the age of four her breasts were already developing. At the age of five, she was examined by a doctor, who confirmed the fact that Lina had fully matured sexual organs. Shortly, after the examination, at the young age of five, Lena’s mother brought her to the hospital because her stomach was continuously growing in size.

Her mother actually thought that she was being possessed by evil spirits but upon examination, it was revealed that Lena was actually eight months pregnant. A month and a half later, she gave birth to a baby by way of c-section.

What’s more astonishing is that Lena’s son, Gerardo Medina, first thought that Lena was his sister. However, at the age of 10, he found out that she was, in fact, his mother.

3. 101!

That’s right; a 101-year-old woman is the oldest woman to give birth after a successful ovary transplant. This is just beyond crazy!

Anatolia Vertadella is an Italian woman who had a controversial ovary transplant. It was widely criticized by medical professionals due to her old age. This illegal surgical operation was done in a private clinic in Turkey. It was her seventeenth child. The baby’s father was a sperm donor who Anatolia found online because her husband had passed away some years earlier.

When the child was born, Anatolia said that her baby is a true blessing and a testament to the power of the creator. She went on to say “for so long I felt useless to God, I cannot procreate since I turned 40 years old when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. For a long time, I believed that God has punished me for only bearing 16 children but the God’s generosity had granted me the fertility once again. “

2. World’s First Pregnant Man

This is one of the pregnancy stories that most people don’t believe in first, but we’re not kidding, this actually happened on this very planet.

Thomas Beatie is a female to male transgender. In case you don’t know, this means he was born a female but identifies as a male. He even had reassignment surgery and has his breasts removed. He later went on to get married and wanted to become pregnant, but unfortunately, his wife who was infertile, could not produce a baby for him.

But that didn’t stop this couple! Thomas got sperm from an anonymous donor and underwent artificial insemination. After an ectopic pregnancy that required emergency surgery and the loss of three fetuses, he was finally able to get pregnant.

Since then the couple had gone on to have three kids in three years. Thomas believes that the men should be able to experience the joy of being pregnant.

1. Dead Woman Gives Birth

This one is definitely one of the craziest and remarkable pregnancy stories.

A woman was declared brain-dead but she was being kept alive by machines because she was 15 weeks pregnant and the baby was still alive.

Hence, the doctors left her on life support and they continuously monitored the fetus’s health. Once the fetus had made it to 32 weeks, they performed a c-section and finally a healthy five pound, 3-ounce baby was born. Bonkers!

A 13 year old father, a 101 year old mother, a 17 year old grandmother, and a male giving brith; who would have thought any of this could happen, but it did! We hope you enjoyed the Top 10 Strange but True Pregnancy Stories, and please leave us some feedback in the comments below.